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Movie Suffragette
Title Suffragette
Year 2015
Director Sarah Gavron
Genre Drama, History, Biography
Plot – When the brutality of the state began to be unbearable, some women formed the suffragette. They were militants of the first feminist movement who struggled simply to get the permission to vote. Some of them were workers, other ones belonged to the wealthy class. Gradually all of them admitted peaceful protests didn't lead to any result. Violence was the only way to realize a change. To gain equality, these women weren't afraid to lose everything, like job, family, children or their life too.
All actors – Anne-Marie Duff, Grace Stottor, Geoff Bell, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Lawrence, Shelley Longworth, Adam Michael Dodd, Ben Whishaw, Sarah Finigan, Drew Edwards, Lorraine Stanley, Romola Garai, Adam Nagaitis, Helena Bonham Carter, Finbar Lynch, Samuel West, Nick Hendrix, Clive Wood, Brendan Gleeson, Morgan Watkins, Ross Green, Adrian Schiller, Col Needham, Jamie Ballard, Joyce Henderson, Raewyn Lippert, Natalie Press, Joanna Neary, Annabelle Dowler, Meryl Streep, Catherine Tomelty, Susie Baxter, Lisa Dillon, Matt Blair, Jacob Krichefski, Jonathan Cullen, Daniel Tatarsky, James Ward, Adam Harley, Simon Gifford, , Michael Altoft, Aleana Anthony, Hayley Joanne Bacon, Richard Banks, Sal Bolton, Alexander Bracq, Ancuta Breaban, Ray Burnet, Pamela Betsy Cooper, Alexis Coward, John Cummins, Charlotte Day, Amber Dutton, Helen Evans, Victoria Fayne, David Few-Cooper, Anna Gabell, Clive Gibson, David Golt, Sophie Greig, Aslihan Gulen, Lee Nicholas Harris, Dominic Hatje, Kevin Hudson, Aisling Hughes, Mariola Jaworska, Steven J. Jobes, Semina Lewis, Simone Liebman, Wesley Lloyd, Nick Longland, Edina Loskay, Ruthie Luff, Martyn Mayger, Pete Meads, Alice Louise Norris, Judit Novotnik, Adam Nowell, Hugh O'Brien, Niamh O'Mahony, Tim Packham, Katherine Perkins, Michael Pretty, Lilian Price, Pippa Rathborne, Rachel Jane Rhodes, Jared Rogers, Warren Rushton, Janette Sharpe, Tamara Sharpe, Karol Steele, Rob Townsend, Aidan White, Natalie Wilcox, Patricia Winker
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