“Sugar and Spice” quotes

Movie Sugar and Spice
Title Sugar and Spice
Original title Sugar & Spice
Year 2001
Director Francine McDougall
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Jack and Diane are two crazy lovers. Diane is the captain of a cheerleaders team, while Jack is the star of the football team of the neighborhood. Diane gets pregnant and they are both sent away from home. They decide to live together in an apartment with the poor salary of Jack, who works in a video store. Meanwhile, they are still attending school and Diane, facing the difficulties of their economic situation, decides to rob a bank with the help of other cheerleaders.
All actors – Marla Sokoloff, Marley Shelton, Melissa George, Mena Suvari, Rachel Blanchard, Alexandra Holden, Sara Marsh, James Marsden, Sean Young, W. Earl Brown, Adam Busch, Jake Hoffman, Nate Maher, David Belenky, Kevin Kling, Dave Quimby, Jacy King, Wiley Harker, Stevie Ray Rentfrow, Kirsten Frantzich, Christopher Denton, Jan Puffer, Claudia Wilkens, Jeff Hopkins, Kevin Joseph Klein, Jeremy Kent Jackson, Jamison Haase, Jessie Schoen, Susan Fuller, Andy Hubbell, Katie Kelly, Ann Kellog, Isabell O'Connor, Miriam Must, Jennifer Snell, Andrea Guilford, Bonnie Benjamin-Olson, Matt Guidry, Li Ning, Laura Anderson, Cassie Fox, Kurt Loder, Jerry Springer, Paul Cram, Frank Crandell, Dom Davis, Devon A Early, Brooke Engen, Tiffany Engen, Kristen Hirsch Montag, Eric Karros, Diane Kelson, Anne Metcalfe, Josh Minnie, Ross Porter, Shelly A. Tanning, Joel Thingvall, Mike Wielinski
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