“The Cocoanuts” quotes

Movie The Cocoanuts
Title The Cocoanuts
Year 1929
Directors Robert Florey, Joseph Santley
Genre Comedy, Musical
Plot – Mr. Hammer runs a luxurious hotel in Florida but business is pretty bad. He hasn't even the money to pay his employees. Hammer would like to speculate on some lands but the auction sale fails. While Groucho thinks how to sell some lands to Ms. Potter, some customers steal the woman's necklace and blame Bob, the suitor of Ms. Potter's daughter. In the end Harpo unravels the mystery.
All actors – Brothers The Marx, Zeppo Marx, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Oscar Shaw, Mary Eaton, Cyril Ring, Kay Francis, Margaret Dumont, Basil Ruysdael, Gamby-Hale Ballet Girls, Allan K. Foster Girls, Sylvan Lee, Barton MacLane
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