“The People Under the Stairs” quotes

Movie The People Under the Stairs
Wes Craven directed this movie in 1991
Title The People Under the Stairs
Year 1991
Director Wes Craven
Genre Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
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Plot – A black kid from the ghetto nicknamed 'The Simpleton' by his sister Ruby, who is passionate about Tarot, has a sick mother with cancer and does not have the money for her operation. Moreover, the family is evicted by two sinister characters, a man and a woman, who own many old buildings, which they demolish as soon as they evict the tenants. Ruby's boyfriend Le Roy, a petty thief, accidentally discovers the address of the two evildoers, and knowing that they have a fabulous collection of gold coins decides to rob them with the help of Simpleton and a friend, Spenser, who is able to get into the house with a ruse, but he does not come out anymore. Once the owners leave, Le Roy and Simpleton sneak into the sinister house, where there are strange noises, pitfalls and a vicious dog, which they barely manage to get away from.
All actors – Brandon Quintin Adams, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, A.J. Langer, Ving Rhames, Sean Whalen, Bill Cobbs, Kelly Jo Minter, Jeremy Roberts, Conni Marie Brazelton, Joshua Cox, John Hostetter, John Mahon, Teresa Velarde, George R. Parker, Yan Birch, Wayne Daniels, Michael Kopelow, Nic Cramer, Jon Kinney, Danny Kopel, David Robinson
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  • “Thirteenth birthday is unlucky anyway. Too old to get tit, too young to get ass... fucked either way.”
    Ving Rhames - Leroy
    [Tag:birthday, teens]
  • “They got their fingers into real estate, started making a lot of money taking over people's homes. The more money they got, the greedier they got. The greedier they got, the crazier they got. All sorts of rumors about what's going on in that place. Never proved it because the police never took it serious. But believe me, when I was a kid, none...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Bill Cobbs - Grandpa Booker
    [Tag:evil, money, police]
  • Mommy and daddy looked a long time to find the perfect boy child, but each one they found turned out bad. Some saw things they weren't supposed to, others heard too much, others talked back. Daddy cut out the bad parts, and put the boys in the cellar, one by one. They get flashlights and food of some kind. I suppose they're happy in their own way.”
    A.J. Langer - Alice
  • “- Leroy: You seen Spencer?
    - Fool: I seen Spencer, alright.
    - Leroy: You find anything?
    - Fool: Something found him. He's dead, Leroy. I think scared to death.
    - Leroy: Y-you sure?
    - Fool: You thought he was white before, you should see that sucker now!”

    Ving Rhames - Leroy
    Brandon Quintin Adams - Fool
    [Tag:death, fear]
  • “You and your brother are landlords of over 50 buildings in this city, all of which you've allowed to deteriorate into rat infested hellholes while you guys get rich charging ridiculous rents. Then, you evict anyone the minute they can't pay rent so you can tear down their homes and build some more office buildings, isn't that about right?”
    Kelly Jo Minter - Ruby Williams
  • “- Alice: He said he killed you!
    - Fool: He was exaggerating.”

    A.J. Langer - Alice
    Brandon Quintin Adams - Fool
    [Tag:killing, lies]
  • “- Fool: Listen Alice, they're not your real parents.
    - Alice: What?
    - Fool: They're not. They're not even husband and wife. They stole you, like they did Roach and all the others. They're a bunch of rotten baby snatchers.
    - Alice: You're just saying that...
    - Fool: My grandfather Booker told me. He wouldn't lie to me.”

    Brandon Quintin Adams - Fool
    A.J. Langer - Alice
  • “- Fool: He doesn't talk much, does he?
    - Alice: His tongue's cut out.
    - Alice: Mommy caught him trying to call for help one day, and Daddy had to teach him to...
    - Fool: Speak no evil, right?”

    Brandon Quintin Adams - Fool
    A.J. Langer - Alice