• “- Assistant U.S. Atty. Rick Cappalino: There was never a hint of corruption in that office. Maybe you know something I don't. Danny, you called me. So why are you here? If you know anything about lawyers or D.A.'s I would love to hear it. Is it common practice to sell narcotics in the narcotics division?
    - Detectove Daniel Ciello: Where do you get your information from? Village Voice? New York Magazine, for Christ's sake? We don't sell narcotics, dope dealers sell narcotics. We're not dope dealers, we're policemen. This steak is raw, this conversation is bullshit.”

    Norman Parker - Assistant U.S. Atty. Rick Cappalino
    Treat Williams - Detective Daniel Ciello
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5/4/14 at 12:44 PM
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