“Prince of the City” quotes

Movie Prince of the City
Sidney Lumet directed this movie in 1981
Title Prince of the City
Year 1981
Director Sidney Lumet
Genre Drama, Crime
All actors – Treat Williams, Jerry Orbach, Richard Foronjy, Don Billett, Kenny Marino, Carmine Caridi, Tony Page, Norman Parker, Paul Roebling, Bob Balaban, James Tolkan, Steve Inwood
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  • “I say we think he's a rat, and we think we should fuckin' clip him. He says if you think he's a rat, then you should clip him. But if you do, you better be sure he's a rat. Because the people that like him, they're good people.”

    Tony DiBenedetto - Officer Carl Alagretti
  • - Assistant U.S. Atty. Brooks Paige: Was he wired tonight?
    - Assistant U.S. Atty. Rick Cappalino: How would I know? He consults the spirits. Thinks he's some kinda goddamn gypsy fortune teller. "Tonight? Mmmm, oh no tonight, much danger. No, no wire".

    Paul Roebling - Assistant U.S. Atty. Brooks Paige
    Norman Parker - Assistant U.S. Atty. Rick Cappalino
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  • “Gino, you and I know you're a whore. Just a poor old whore who bellies up for any crook with two bucks. A whore and a thief. As far as I'm concerned you only have two options. You cooperate with us, you make the calls, or you go to jail with the other thieves. I don't even want to think about the third option.”
    Bob Balaban - Santimassino
  • “- Assistant U.S. Atty. Rick Cappalino: There was never a hint of corruption in that office. Maybe you know something I don't. Danny, you called me. So why are you here? If you know anything about lawyers or D.A.'s I would love to hear it. Is it common practice to sell narcotics in the narcotics division?
    - Detectove Daniel Ciello: Where do you...” (continue)
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    Norman Parker - Assistant U.S. Atty. Rick Cappalino
    Treat Williams - Detective Daniel Ciello
  • “I sleep with my wife, but I live with my partners.”
    Treat Williams - Detective Daniel Ciello
  • “The law means everything to me and if any arm of the law is corrupt nothing can work, nothing. It is simple as that.”
    James Tolkan - Assistant U.S. Atty. George Polito
  • “You want a conviction, but you've got these stupid search and seizure laws. And wiretaps. Case one never got made without an illegal wiretap. And you're never gonna get a conviction if a cop don't commit perjury. What is it that you want? You want the big dealer out of business? The only way I know to push him out of business is to steal his...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Tony Page - Detective Raf Alvarez
  • Lawyers wearing 400 dollar suits who come up to cops in hallways and say, "Hey pal, listen, this case doesn't mean shit. Here's 50 dollars". Here's a hundred dollars. Five hundred dollars. Fifteen thousand dollars. Fifteen thousand dollars! Fuck, I mean, we know how you guys become judges. You pay 50 thousand and zap you're wearing robes! You... (continue)(continue reading)
    Treat Williams - Detective Daniel Ciello
  • “What you are gonna do gentlemen, is you're gonna make my word good. The target is cops, the weapon is indictments. And I don't give one infinitesimal fuck if they are indictments that will stick or not. Because to a cop any indictment means a departmental trial, which is a euphemism for finished. End of gun, badge, pension, and pals. So I want...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Bobby Alto - Mr. Kanter
  • “- Detective Daniel Ciello: You remember Martinez? You bonded him. He says he paid you back. He's waiting for trial on Rikers. He says he's got a tape on you where you admit that he paid you. Now you're squeezing him. If you don't stop, he's gonna play the tape, ok? That's a felony.
    - Dave DeBennedeto: Now let me tell you something. He's a rat...” (continue)
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    Treat Williams - Detective Daniel Ciello
    Ron Karabatsos - Dave DeBennedeto
  • “I know the law. The law doesn't know the streets.”
    Treat Williams - Detective Daniel Ciello
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