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2/1/08 at 3:02 AM
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  • “Don't you find shopping boring, though, Ange? Oh, I do, I hate it. He takes me down in the car, and I get me wheelie, Tone, and I whiz in, I grab anything I can see, bung it in me wheelie, he writes me a cheque, we bung it in the car and we bring it home, and then it's done for the week, you know what I mean?”
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  • “- Robert Clayton Dean: I was shopping for some lingerie. That's still legal, isn't it?
    - David Pratt: Were you buying that for your wife?
    - Robert Clayton Dean: No, I was picking something up for myself, I do a little cross dressing on the weekends. You know, you'd be surprised how a nice pair of edible panties can make a guy feel sexy.”

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  • “- Julia Biggs: It's okay if I look in the window, just as long as I don't buy.
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  • “- David Stephens: You paid 500 pounds for this?
    - Juliet Miller: That's what it cost, David.
    - David Stephens: No, no, that's what you paid for it. 500 pounds is what you paid for it. We don't know how much it cost us yet. For you two to have a good time, we don't know the cost of that yet.”

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  • “- Carter: Did you see that?
    - Lee: He likes you.
    - Carter: I ain't shopping with you no more.”

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