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1/1/03 at 3:17 AM
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  • “- Fireman: You know, it's against the law to burn anything except trash in your yard.
    - Bernadine Harris: [flicks off ashes from her cigarette] It is trash.”

    Graham Galloway - Fireman
    Bernadine Harris - Bernadine Harris
    [Tag:fire, garden, revenge]
  • “He's got the best lawn on the block. And you know why? Because he trains his dog to crap in my yard.”
    Bruce Dern - Mark Rumsfield
  • “- Little Bo Peep: Mistress Mary Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?
    - Mary Quite Contrary: Oh, it's a mess! The silver bells aren't ringing, the cockleshells are being eaten by aphids, and the pretty maids are getting uglier by the minute. Mm! Besides, the rototiller's on the blink and the gophers are the size of buicks.”

    Shelley Duvall - Little Bo Peep
    Katey Sagal - Mary Quite Contrary
  • “- Nick Szalinski: We could be anywhere now.
    - Russell 'Russ' Thompson, Jr.: I think we're still in your yard.
    - Nick Szalinski: How do you know?
    - Russell 'Russ' Thompson, Jr.: In any other yard the grass would be shorter.”

    Robert Oliveri - Nick Szalinski
    Thomas Wilson Brown - Russell 'Russ' Thompson, Jr
  • “- Jeffrey Hawks: Holy Shit!
    - Simon Wilder: You think so? Looks like the regular garden variety to me.”

    Josh Hamilton - Jeffrey Hawks
    Joe Pesci - Simon Wilder