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7/3/05 at 9:20 AM
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  • “- Emmett Fitz-Hume: Oh. Uh, will you hold my wallet for me while I take the test, please? There's a thousand dollars in there... or maybe there isn't. Know what I mean?
    - Test Monitor: Are you saying I can take this money if I help you pass the test?
    - Emmett Fitz-Hume: What do you think?”

    Chevy Chase - Emmett Fitz-Hume
    Frank Oz - Test Monitor
    [Tag:bribe, money, test]
  • “You are not inferior. Your grades may be. Your school may have been. But you can turn all that around and make liars out of those bastards in exactly one hour, when you take that test, pass it, and win!”

    Morgan Freeman - Principal Joe Clark
    [Tag:school, test]
  • “- Allie Calhoun: I have a fiancé waiting for me at a hotel who's going to be crushed when he finds out what I did.
    - Noah: So you make love to me, and go back to your husband. Was that your plan? Was that a test I didn't pass?”

    Rachel McAdams - Allie
    Ryan Gosling - Noah
    [Tag:adultery, sex, test]
  • “I've just decided to switch our Friday schedule to Monday, which means that the test we take each Friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on Monday before we've learned it. But since today is Tuesday, it doesn't matter in the slightest. Pencils ready!”
    David Battley - Mr. Turkentine
    [Tag:learning, school, test]
  • “- Spock: Cadet Kirk, you somehow managed to install and activate a subroutine in the programming code, thereby changing the conditions of the test.
    - James T. Kirk: Your point being?
    - Admiral Richard Barnett: In academic vernacular, you cheated.”

    Zachary Quinto - Spock
    Chris Pine - James T. Kirk
    Tyler Perry - Admiral Richard Barnett
    [Tag:cheating, test]