“Jailhouse Rock” quotes

Movie Jailhouse Rock
Title Jailhouse Rock
Year 1957
Director Richard Thorpe
Genre Drama, Musical
Plot – Vince Everett is sentenced for murder and in jail he meets Dick, an old singer. He notices his cellmate's uncommon vocal abilities and proposes him to sign a contract. When Vince leaves the prison he wants to make money at any cost and meets Peggy, a girl who works in the music industry. They found a label together and Vince becomes a celebrity, so he begins to be cynical and hostile to Peggy. When Dick is released, he visits Vince to enforce the contract they have signed in prison, but Vince is reluctant and reduces his friend as his personal assistant. One day Dick punches Vince so violently that Vince's voice is endangered. Peggy and Dick forget the injustices they have suffered and stay close to Vince. When the man recovers, he has become another man.
All actors – Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, Mickey Shaughnessy, Vaughn Taylor, Jennifer Holden, Dean Jones, Anne Neyland, , Norm Johnson, Dorothy Abbott, Peter Adams, Don Anderson, François André, Bobby Barber, Arthur Berkeley, Robert Bice, Bill Black, Phil Bloom, Helen Bruno, Don Burnett, Guy Cass, Albert Cavens, Jack Chefe, Naomi Childers, Noble 'Kid' Chissell, George Cisar, Richard Dale Clark, Fred Coby, Robert Cole, Gene Coogan, Jean Corbett, Stuart W. Culp, John Daheim, Francis De Sales, John Dennis, Paul Denton, Dick Dial, Dan Dowling, Jack Downs, Harry Duff, Elaine DuPont, Joan Dupuis, Lamar Fike, Bess Flowers, D.J. Fontana, William Forrest, Jo Gilbert, Joe Gilbert, Cliff Gleaves, James Gonzalez, Sol Gorss, Betty Graeff, Ralph Grosh, Ralph Guldahl, Bill Hale, Percy Helton, Jack Herrin, Bill Hickman, Harry Hines, Janice Hood, Arthur Hooten, Bob Hopkins, Shep Houghton, Catherine Howard, John Indrisano, Allen Jaffe, Walter Johnson, Sid Kane, Donald Kerr, George Klein, Frank Kreig, Lucille La Marr, Louise Lane, S. John Launer, Robert Leonard, Alyn Lockwood, John Logan, Tom Mayton, May McAvoy, Joe McGuinn, Tom McKee, Russell Meeker, Carl Milletaire, Frank Mills, Orv Mohler, Scotty Moore, Tracey Morgan, Charles Owens, Gloria Pall, Joe Ploski, Murray Pollack, Charles Postal, Frank Radcliffe, Ford Raymond, Robin Raymond, Grandon Rhodes, Dick Rich, Leoda Richards, John Roy, Hugh Sanders, Cosmo Sardo, Jeffrey Sayre, Bernard Sell, Jack Shea, Edith Sheets, Elizabeth Slifer, Ted Smile, Gene Smith, K.L. Smith, Mike Stoller, Glenn Strange, Bob Stratton, Brick Sullivan, William Tannen, Arthur Tovey, Paula Trent, Katherine Warren, Steve Warren, Dan White, Russ Whitney, Linda Williams, Matt Winston, Wilson Wood, Jack Younger
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  • “It's a lesson to remember: without money, you might as well be dead.”
    Mickey Shaughnessy - Hunk Houghton
    [Tag:money, poverty]
  • “- Hunk Houghton: You will never make a guitar player. You got not rhythm in your bones!
    - Vince Everett: Well, I never heard of anybody payin' money to hear a guitar player.”

    Mickey Shaughnessy - Hunk Houghton
    Elvis Presley - Vince Everett
    [Tag:music, playing, talent]
  • “- Hunk Houghton: You know, I got a spot for you in the show. I'll teach you a new tune.
    - Vince Everett: I don't know. What's the percentage in singing for a bunch of cons?
    - Hunk Houghton: Experience, you lunkhead! That's the percentage.”

    Mickey Shaughnessy - Hunk Houghton
    Elvis Presley - Vince Everett
  • “- Prison Warden: We don't use handshere, we use guns. Oh, and I'll tell you another thing we use for - cons who don't toe the mark. The whip! Understand?
    - Vince Everett: Yes.
    - Prison Warden: Sir?
    - Vince Everett: Yes, sir.”

    Hugh Sanders - Prison Warden
    Elvis Presley - Vince Everett
  • “- Vince Everett: I'm broke. I'll never accumulate any cigarettes.
    - Hunk Houghton: The State pays you 18 cents a day and that's a start.”

    Elvis Presley - Vince Everett
    Mickey Shaughnessy - Hunk Houghton
  • “- Hunk Houghton: I was singin' country music before the words were invented. And I was on stage with the best of 'em. Eddy Arnold. Roy Acuff.
    - Vince Everett: Did you make good money?
    - Hunk Houghton: I made two bills a week. I was swimmin' in gravy in those days.
    - Vince Everett: Okay, get on to the sad part.
    - Hunk Houghton: A woman and a bank...” (continue)
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    Mickey Shaughnessy - Hunk Houghton
    Elvis Presley - Vince Everett
  • - Vince Everett: Hey, what are you, man? Some kind of an animal?
    - Hunk Houghton: That's right, buddy. I'm an animal in a jungle and I got a motto: "Do unto others as they would do unto you, only do it first."
    - Vince Everett: Yeah. That's right. Do it first.
    - Hunk Houghton: And it's just as bad on the outside. Worse. Remember that.
    - Vince... (continue)
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    Elvis Presley - Vince Everett
    Mickey Shaughnessy - Hunk Houghton
  • “That's all the sympathy I'll give you. Pity's a commodity in here. You buy it and sell it just like anything else.”

    Mickey Shaughnessy - Hunk Houghton
  • “- Paymaster: What are you gonna do with all that money?
    - Vince Everett: I'm gonna buy me a herd of chorus girls and make 'em dance on my bed.”

    Dan White - Paymaster
    Elvis Presley - Vince Everett
    [Tag:money, wealth]
  • “- Sherry Wilson: I asked for nothing, I expected nothing and I got nothing.
    - Vince Everett: What'd you expect for nothing?”

    Jennifer Holden - Sherry Wilson
    Elvis Presley - Vince Everett
  • “Gee, Vince, when you sing it's really gonesville.”
    Linda Williams - Girl in Bathing Suit