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Identikit and personal data
Bill Istvan Günther
Last name
Bill Skarsgård
August 9, 1990
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Bill Skarsgård quotes
  • “In terms of jobs, I'm an actor. There's gotta' be depth there. I'd never say yes to something just to play the hot guy. That's not what I'm interested in.”
    Bill Skarsgård
    [Tag:actors, job]
  • “A true artist, in my mind, is willing to fail sometimes, because if you're not brave enough to say yes and follow your gut, it's never going to be good.”
    Bill Skarsgård
    [Tag:artist, failure]
  • “If you ask anybody what they think of clowns, it's associated as much or more with something crazy and scary as it is something joyful.”
    Bill Skarsgård
    [Tag:clown, fear]
  • “In movies we tend make things black and white: you're either this, or you're that.”
    Bill Skarsgård
  • “- Georgie Denbrough: What are you doing in the sewer?
    - Pennywise: A storm blew me away. Blew the whole circus away. Can you smell the circus, Georgie? There's peanuts... cotton candy... hot dogs... and...
    - Georgie Denbrough: Popcorn?
    - Pennywise: Popcorn! Is that your favorite?”

    Jackson Robert Scott - Georgie Denbrough
    Bill Skarsgård - Pennywise
    [Tag:food, perfume]
  • “I'm not real enough for you?”

    Bill Skarsgård - Pennywise
  • “- Pennywise: You look like a nice boy, I bet you have a lot of friends.
    - Georgie Denbrough: Three... but my brother is my best's best.”

    Bill Skarsgård - Pennywise
    Jackson Robert Scott - Georgie Denbrough
    [Tag:brothers, friends]
  • “- Mike Hanlon: Bill!
    - Beverly Marsh: Let him go!
    - Pennywise: No! I'll take him! I'll take all of you! I'll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear... Or... you'll just leave us be... I will take him. Only him, and I will have my long rest and you will all live to grow and thrive and lead *happy* lives, until old age takes you back to the...” (continue)
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    Chosen Jacobs - Mike Hanlon
    Sophia Lillis - Beverly Marsh
    Bill Skarsgård - Pennywise
  • - Pennywise: Do you want a balloon too, Georgie?
    - Georgie Denbrough: I'm not supposed to take stuff from strangers.
    - Pennywise: Oh! Well, I'm Pennywise, the dancing clown. "Pennywise?". "Yes?", "Meet Georgie". "Georgie, meet Pennywise". Now we aren't strangers. Are we?

    Bill Skarsgård - Pennywise
    Jackson Robert Scott - Georgie Denbrough
  • “Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear.”
    Bill Skarsgård - Pennywise