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June 13, 1969 in Jamestown
North American
actor, comedian
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Laura Kightlinger quotes
  • “I mean, sleeping with the same woman, night after night. Boring!”
    Laura Kightlinger
    [Tag:boredom, marriage]
  • “I want to be so famous that drag queens will dress like me in parades when I’m dead.”
    Laura Kightlinger
  • “I get asked to do benefits a lot and I've decided I've got to be a bit more discerning, I can't just do all of them. . . . I got asked to do a benefit for babies born addicted to crack. And I said well, all right, I'll help you raise money for them, but I think we both know what they're gonna spend it on.”
    Laura Kightlinger
  • “- Jen: In the five years I've known you, every woman, I should say girl, you've gone after has been completely out of your league.
    - Hal: What's that supposed to mean?
    - Artie: Oh, she doesn't mean anything by it. She's just saying you're not that good looking.
    - Hal: Oh! I thought she was implying something really mean.”

    Laura Kightlinger - Jen
    Jack Black - Hal
    Kyle Gass - Artie
  • “- Birthday Woman: Oh, Ronnie Dobbs. You are brilliant. You have to do me a favor.
    - Ronnie Dobbs: At your service.
    - Birthday Woman: Tell me to fuck off.
    - Ronnie Dobbs: Huh?
    - Birthday Woman's Friend: Come on, it's her birthday.
    - Ronnie Dobbs: Alright. Fuck you, bitch.”

    Laura Kightlinger - Birthday Woman
    David Cross - Ronnie Dobbs
    Jeff Garlin - Birthday Woman's friend
    [Tag:birthday, gift, insult]