“A Dry White Season” quotes

Movie A Dry White Season
Title A Dry White Season
Year 1989
Director Euzhan Palcy
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – Professor Benjamin Du Toit is an Afrikaner and he lives with his loved ones in South Africa. During a youth demonstration, the police shoots the crowd and Jonathan, his black gardener's son, gets killed. Du Toit realizes his compatriots brutal methods. The state police itself is always ready to unleash against the ghetto's citizens. Emily, Jonathan's mother, hires a lawyer, but he thinks suing the police captain is useless.
All actors – Donald Sutherland, Janet Suzman, Zakes Mokae, Jürgen Prochnow, Susan Sarandon, Marlon Brando, Winston Ntshona, Thoko Ntshinga, Leonard Maguire, Gerard Thoolen, Susannah Harker, Andrew Whaley
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