“Disclosure” quotes

Movie Disclosure
Title Disclosure
Year 1994
Director Barry Levinson
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – Tom Sanders is the supervisor of Digicom’s production section, a leader company in the IT field. Instead of receiving a promotion, Tom is replaced by Meredith Johnson, a woman with whom he had a passionate relationship in the past. One night, she invites him to talk about some disfunctional computers developed by Tom: during the talk, Meredith tries to get Tom involved in an intercourse that he stops, causing the woman’s anger. She accuses him of sexual harassment, supported by the general director, Bob Garvin. A mysterious “friend” sends him messages, inviting him to not trust anyone.
All actors – Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland, Caroline Goodall, Roma Maffia, Dylan Baker, Rosemary Forsyth, Dennis Miller, Suzie Plakson, Nicholas Sadler, Jacqueline Kim, Joe Urla
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  • “Ms. Alvarez, forty-eight hours ago my husband's penis was in another woman's mouth. I don't think there's anything in the law that can help me with that.”
    Caroline Goodall - Susan Hendler
    [Tag:adultery, law, sorrow]
  • “- Tom Sanders: I did not have sex with her!
    - Susan Hendler: Oh, then what was it Tom? She was trying to quit smoking?”

    Michael Douglas - Tom Sanders
    Caroline Goodall - Susan Hendler
    [Tag:denial, sex, smoking]
  • - Philip Blackburn: It gets worse. His lawyer is Catherine Alvarez.
    - Bob Garvin: Oh, great. She'd change her name to "TV Listings" just to get it in the paper.

    Dylan Baker - Philip Blackburn
    Donald Sutherland - Bob Garvin
    [Tag:ego, lawyers]
  • “- Stephanie Kaplan: I remember I had a friend. She was one of the first women who moved really high up. You know what it's like in the high rooms - every day putting out fires, but it turns out, the job wasn't anything she thought it was, and she was looking the wrong way when they fired her.
    - Tom Sanders: Interesting.
    - Stephanie Kaplan: The...” (continue)
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    Rosemary Forsyth - Stephanie Kaplan
    Michael Douglas - Tom Sanders
    [Tag:layoff, truth]
  • “If you sue, you'll never get another job in the computer business; if you don't sue they'll bury you in Austin. If you sue it's news; if you don't it's gossip. If you sue nobody will believe you; if you don't, your wife won't. They will make your life into a living hell for the next three years until this case goes to trial. And for that...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Roma Maffia - Catherine Alvarez
    [Tag:chance, judgment]
  • “- Ben Heller: Sometimes twice a day, sometimes sex in public places, sodomy, viewing of pornography, vibrators and other mechanical devices.
    - Tom Sanders: Sometimes we sat on the couch and watched television.”

    Allan Rich - Ben Heller
    Michael Douglas - Tom Sanders
  • “I am a sexually aggressive woman. I like it. Tom knew it, and you can't handle it. It is the same damn thing since the beginning of time. Veil it, hide it, lock it up and throw away the key. We expect a woman to do a man's job, make a man's money, and then walk around with a parasol and lie down for a man to fuck her like it was still a hundred...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Demi Moore - Meredith Johnson
  • “- Susan Hendler: Did you have sex with her?
    - Tom Sanders: No! No! No!
    - Susan Hendler: How did her hand get into your pants?”

    Caroline Goodall - Susan Hendler
    Michael Douglas - Tom Sanders
    [Tag:adultery, sex]
  • “Tom, you are the one person I know who sucks up to the people below you.”
    Caroline Goodall - Susan Hendler
  • “Give a man a hundred million dollars and you make a frustrated billionaire.”
    Rosemary Forsyth - Stephanie Kaplan
  • “Tommy, you've seen more ass than a rental car, my friend.”
    Dennis Miller - Mark Lewyn
  • “You stick your dick in my mouth and now you get an attack of morality?”

    Demi Moore - Meredith Johnson
  • “- Don Cherry: Well, who is she?
    - Mark Lewyn: Let me guess: she's attractive.
    - Mary Anne Hunter: What does that have to do with anything?
    - Mark Lewyn: Great rack, nipples like pencil erasers?”

    Nicholas Sadler - Don Cherry
    Dennis Miller - Mark Lewyn
    Suzie Plakson - Mary Anne Hunter
  • Sexual harassment is not about sex. It is about power. She has it; you don't.”

    Roma Maffia - Catherine Alvarez
    [Tag:power, sex]