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Identikit and personal data
Paul Anthony
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Paul Sorvino
April 13, 1939
North American
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Paul Sorvino quotes
  • “- Neville Sinclair: C'mon, Eddie. I'm paying you well. Does it really matter where the money comes from?
    - Eddie Valentine: It matters to me. I may not make an honest buck, but I'm 100% American. I don't work for no two-bit Nazi.”

    Timothy Dalton - Neville Sinclair
    Paul Sorvino - Eddie Valentine
    [Tag:money, payment, pride]
  • “Try not to kill more than two or three people today, okay?”

    Paul Sorvino - Detective Pat Chambers
    [Tag:advice, killing]
  • “- Henry Kissinger: If a Rockefeller can't be the President of the United States then what is the point of democracy?
    - Richard M. Nixon: The point of democracy is that even the son of a grocer can become President.”

    Paul Sorvino - Henry Kissinger
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Richard M. Nixon
    [Tag:democracy, merit]
  • - "Chocolate Chip" Charlie W. Hobbs: The only thing Chocolate Chip Charlie knows better than fighting is running.
    - David "Mo" Rutherford: Pick a direction!

    Garrett Morris - "Chocolate Chip" Charlie W. Hobbs
    Paul Sorvino - David "Mo" Rutherford
    [Tag:escape, fighting]
  • “- Big Boy Caprice: Look what you did to your pretty tuxedo.
    - Lips Manlis: Big Boy, ain't we pals?
    - Big Boy Caprice: No pals in this business, Lips. You taught me that.”

    Al Pacino - Big Boy Caprice
    Paul Sorvino - Lips Manlis
  • “- Paul Cicero: You know anything about this fucking restaurant business?
    - Sonny Bunz: He knows everything about it. I mean, he's in the joint 24 hours a day. I mean, another fucking few minutes, he could be a stool, that's how often he's in there.”

    Paul Sorvino - Paul Cicero
    Tony Darrow - Sonny Bunz
  • Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”
    Paul Sorvino - Henry Kissinger
    [Tag:excitement, power]
  • “I will permit this colored man to speak. But speak one word of the Commie party, or one word in code, and I will blow his head off.”
    Paul Sorvino - Colonel Malcolm Grommett Spears
  • “- Eddie Valentine: If the Feds take me, I'm taking you with me. I'm gonna tell you everthing.
    - Neville Sinclair: Who are they going to believe? A cheap crook, or the number-three box-office star in America?”

    Paul Sorvino - Eddie Valentine
    Timothy Dalton - Neville Sinclair
  • “- Colonel Malcolm Grommett Spears: We're Americans, we've never lost a war!
    - Jason: What about 'Nam, sir?
    - Colonel Malcolm Grommett Spears: 'Nam? We lost that war at home, sonny.”

    Paul Sorvino - Colonel Malcolm Grommett Spears
    Scott Bloom - Jason
    [Tag:america, losing, war]
  • “- Henry Hill: [narrating] I felt he used too many onions, but it was still a very good sauce.
    - Paul Cicero: Vinnie, don't put too many onions in the sauce.
    - Vinnie: I didn't put too much onions, uh, Paul. Three small onions. That's all I did.
    - Johnny Dio: Three onions? How many cans of tomatoes you put in there?
    - Vinnie: I put two cans, two...” (continue)
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    Ray Liotta - Henry Hill
    Paul Sorvino - Paul Cicero
    Charles Scorsese - Vinnie
    Frank Pellegrino - Johnny Dio
    [Tag:cooking, food]
  • “Can you imagine what this man would be like had anyone ever loved him?”

    Paul Sorvino - Henry Kissinger
  • “- Steve Burns: They told me that there was some... special assignment... and that I was right for it.
    - Capt. Edelson: Let me ask you something... Have you ever had your cock sucked by a man?
    - Steve Burns: A man? No. Well, I...
    - Capt. Edelson: Ever been porked? Or had a man smoke your pole?
    - Steve Burns: You've got to be kidding. Yeah, you're...” (continue)
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    Al Pacino - Steve Burns
    Paul Sorvino - Capt. Edelson
  • - "Chocolate Chip" Charlie W. Hobbs: You are not thinkin' about goin' after it!
    - David "Mo" Rutherford: I hope you got a gun on you, Charlie!
    - "Chocolate Chip" Charlie W. Hobbs: How many times am I supposed to tell you my hands are lethal weapons?
    - David "Mo" Rutherford: I hope you're right, 'cause if that thing tries to kill me, you kill me... (continue)
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    Garrett Morris - "Chocolate Chip" Charlie W. Hobbs
    Paul Sorvino - David "Mo" Rutherford
  • “Nobody told us there was two America: the real one, United State, and the fake one, Canada. Then, to make matter even worse, there's two Canada: the real one, Ontario, and the fake one, Quebec.”
    Paul Sorvino - Gino Barberini
    [Tag:america, canada]
  • “- Johnny Dio: How do you like your steak?
    - Paul Cicero: Medium rare.
    - Johnny Dio: Huh. An aristocrat.”

    Frank Pellegrino - Johnny Dio
    Paul Sorvino - Paul Cicero
    [Tag:aristocracy, food]
  • “- Guy Cipriani: No wedding!
    - Connie Cipriani: We got 300 people coming here.
    - Guy Cipriani: Good, they come here, they eat, they drink, they sing, they go the fuck home! Sorry!”

    Paul Sorvino - Guy Cipriani
    Veronica Cartwright - Connie Cipriani