“Heaven's Prisoners” quotes

Movie Heaven's Prisoners
Title Heaven's Prisoners
Year 1996
Director Phil Joanou
Genre Drama, Thriller, Mystery
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Plot – Dave Robicheaux is a former policeman who rents boats in the Mississippi. One day he rescues the survivor of a plane crashed into the sea. She's a Salvadoran child and he adopts her calling her Alifair. Dave discovers on the plane there was a member of the local underworld, that indeed has been killed by Giancano, the godfather of a Dave's childhood friend, the local boss Bubba Rocque. Now Dave is the target and one night three killers burst in his house and murder his wife, but one of them dies hit by a car, while another one is found electrocuted in the bathroom. The last one threatens Dave until he dies too in a gunfight. Dave learns Claudette, Bubba's wife, was the real instigator of Annie's death, so Bubba intervenes and kills the woman.
All actors – Alec Baldwin, Kelly Lynch, Mary Stuart Masterson, Eric Roberts, Teri Hatcher, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Badja Djola, Samantha Lagpacan, Joe Viterelli, Tuck Milligan, Hawthorne James, Don Stark
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  • “You and me... that's the only thing I have in my whole life that means anything to me anymore... Please don't let me... mess that up.”

    Alec Baldwin - Dave Robicheaux
  • “Killin' a hundred of you wouldn't make up for one Annie.”

    Alec Baldwin - Dave Robicheaux
    [Tag:killing, revenge]
  • “I'm gonna tell you somethin', and I'm gonna tell you only once. Now you can accept it, or you can stick it up your ass. I am one guy. I am not a crime wave. And when you mess with the action outta New Orleans, you fuck with hundreds of people. Do you understand, Dave Robicheaux?”

    Eric Roberts - Bubba Rocque
  • “- Priest: If you begin drinking again, what will happen?
    - Dave Robicheaux: I would lose everything.
    - Priest: But knowing this, knowing that you would lose everything, you would lose your wife, your business, and your self-respect, still, you want to drink.
    - Dave Robicheaux: Yes I do.
    - Priest: You're absolved of your sins. Go in peace.”

    Christopher Kriesa - Priest
    Alec Baldwin - Dave Robicheaux
  • “- Dave Robicheaux: What'd the guy look like?
    - Annie Robicheaux: He looked like a big bad guy.”

    Alec Baldwin - Dave Robicheaux
    Kelly Lynch - Annie Robicheaux
  • “- Victor Romero: I'll tell you my deal. People I do business with are sayin' I'm too hot, like maybe I won't be 'round next year. That this cat Robicheaux is a hardtail and don't play. So you're fucking me, man.
    - Dave Robicheaux: Hey, Victor... I really don't give a shit about your problems. So why don't you write all this down on a postcard...” (continue)
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    Hawthorne James - Victor Romero
    Alec Baldwin - Dave Robicheaux
  • “- Bubba Rocque: Dave Robicheaux drowned in the bottle and went into the swamp to sleep it off.
    - Didi Giancano: He may have been asleep, but that was before you dropped a fucking plane on his head and woke him up. Guys like that, when they wake up, they don't go back to sleep so easy. Not without help.”

    Eric Roberts - Bubba Rocque
    Joe Viterelli - Didi Giancano
    [Tag:accident, revenge]
  • “I want a drink. I want a drink all the time. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, my eyes pop open and I think I gotta have a drink. A beer, a Bloody Mary, whatever. Even now, and I don't know why. I haven't had a drink in three years.”

    Alec Baldwin - Dave Robicheaux
  • “- Jerry Falgout: Can I buy you a drink, Lieutenant? As I recall, you used to get kinda thirsty 'bout this time of day.
    - Dave Robicheaux: Hey, you're gettin' in my face, partner.
    - Jerry Falgout: So?
    - Dave Robicheaux: So right about now I'm thinkin' your head'd make a real nice toilet brush.”

    Tuck Milligan - Jerry Falgout
    Alec Baldwin - Dave Robicheaux
  • “You're still breathing 'cause I'm in a good fuckin' mood. When you start talkin' to somebody else's whores, when you start pokin' your nose into other people's shit, you got to pay the man. That's the rules. Old-time homicide roach oughta know that.”

    Don Stark - Eddie Keats
    [Tag:crime, killing, threat]