“House of Games” quotes

Movie House of Games
Title House of Games
Year 1987
Director David Mamet
Genre Crime, Thriller
Plot – Margaret Ford is an American successful psychoanalyst and a repressed, unsatisfied woman, both at work and in her private life. To help a young patient threatened by a debt, she visits the gambling hall and meets Mike, leader of the gang who "works" there. She's immediately fascinated by him and agrees to help him in some little tricks to save her patient. Mike is a great cheater and he reveals the woman he can easily find out people's weak side. Margaret so decides to see Mike again to learn some useful expedients to use in her job as psychologist and writer. Soon she's completely enchanted by him and they end up spending a night together. When he plans a big hit, Margaret believes she has killed a policeman, so she hides at home scared and stops talking to Mike as she understands the man has cheated on her as well, because the alleged murdered cop is a gang member indeed and is alive. Determined to take revenge, Margaret ambushes Mike and shoots him several time to scare him and finally kills him, then she quietly resumes her usual previous life.
All actors – Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mantegna, Mike Nussbaum, Lilia Skala, J.T. Walsh, Willo Hausman, Karen Kohlhaas, Steven Goldstein, Jack Wallace, Ricky Jay, G. Roy Levin, Bob Lumbra
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