“Mommie Dearest” quotes

Movie Mommie Dearest
Title Mommie Dearest
Year 1981
Director Frank Perry
Genre Drama, Biography
Plot – This movie tells the story of Joan Crawford's life as seen through the eyes of her adopted daughter Christine, who wrote a book about the famous actress. Joan Crawford did not leave in her will a penny to her adopted children, but Christine had the last say by writing a biography. She was a neurotic alcoholic, sometimes hysterical and paranoid, with unexpected anger bursts and sadistic behavior towards the children. It is not clear why she adopted four children only to torture and take out her frustrations on them. Christine was twice sent to a college, the second of which was a kind of house of correction.
All actors – Faye Dunaway, Diana Scarwid, Steve Forrest, Howard Da Silva, Mara Hobel, Rutanya Alda, Harry Goz, Michael Edwards, Jocelyn Brando, Priscilla Pointer, Joe Abdullah, Gary Allen
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