“Mommie Dearest” quotes

Movie Mommie Dearest
Title Mommie Dearest
Year 1981
Director Frank Perry
Genre Drama, Biography
Plot – This movie tells the story of Joan Crawford's life as seen through the eyes of her adopted daughter Christine, who wrote a book about the famous actress. Joan Crawford did not leave in her will a penny to her adopted children, but Christine had the last say by writing a biography. She was a neurotic alcoholic, sometimes hysterical and paranoid, with unexpected anger bursts and sadistic behavior towards the children. It is not clear why she adopted four children only to torture and take out her frustrations on them. Christine was twice sent to a college, the second of which was a kind of house of correction.
All actors – Faye Dunaway, Diana Scarwid, Steve Forrest, Howard Da Silva, Mara Hobel, Rutanya Alda, Harry Goz, Michael Edwards, Jocelyn Brando, Priscilla Pointer, Joe Abdullah, Gary Allen
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  • “- Carol Ann: Your mother's been practicing and practicing. You know how perfect she always wants to be. Well this time, she must be perfect. Do you understand?
    - Christina Crawford (child): She wants everything to be perfect.”

    Rutanya Alda - Carol Ann
    Mara Hobel - Christina Crawford (child)
  • “- Joan Crawford: Look at this floor. Do you call that clean? Do you?
    - Christina Crawford (adult): Miss Jenkins said it was clean.
    - Joan Crawford: Miss Jenkins said it was clean? Do you think it's clean? Do you think it's clean? Look at that, do you?
    - Christina Crawford (adult): Yes, I do.”

    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
    Diana Scarwid - Christina Crawford (adult)
  • “- Christina Crawford (child): My babies! Someone stole both my babies!
    - Joan Crawford: That's good, darling. They were thoughtless, selfish, spoiled children. Now they won't wake you up when you need your rest.”

    Mara Hobel - Christina Crawford (child)
    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
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  • “- Joan Crawford: Oh, you lost again.
    - Christina Crawford (child): It's not fair. You're bigger than I am, it's not fair to win twice.
    - Joan Crawford: Ah, but nobody ever said life was fair, Tina. I'm bigger and I'm faster. I will always beat you.”

    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
    Mara Hobel - Christina Crawford (child)
    [Tag:fairness, life, losing]
  • “- Christina Crawford (adult): There's a liquor store to the right.
    - Joan Crawford: I should've know you'd know where to find the boys and the booze.”

    Diana Scarwid - Christina Crawford (adult)
    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
  • “- Adoption agency official: I'm afraid I have some difficult news for you, Miss Crawford. The agency has denied your application for adoption.
    - Joan Crawford: Why?
    - Adoption agency official: Well... you live alone. There are no other family members in the home. You have two previous divorces. You're a busy, active woman, and the candidate is...” (continue)
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    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
    [Tag:adoption, denial]
  • “- Joan Crawford: Christina, you haven't touched your lunch.
    - Christina Crawford (child): It's raw.
    - Joan Crawford: It's rare, not raw.
    - Christina Crawford (child): But it's got all this red juice when you push on it.
    - Joan Crawford: Then don't push on it.”

    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
    Mara Hobel - Christina Crawford (child)
  • “How? How could this happen, how could you humiliate me this way? I am ashamed to be your mother!”

    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
    [Tag:kiss, shame]
  • “- Joan Crawford: Take your shoes off. I just washed that floor.
    - Greg Savitt: What about the socks?
    - Joan Crawford: I can handle the socks.”

    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
    Steve Forrest - Greg Savitt
  • “- Lawyer: It is my intention to make no provision herein for my son Christopher or my daughter Christina, for reasons which are well known to them.
    - Christopher Crawford (adult): What reasons?
    - Christina Crawford (adult): [laughing bitterly] Jesus Christ.
    - Christopher Crawford (adult): As usual, she has the last word.”

    Warren Munson - Lawyer
    Xander Berkeley - Christopher Crawford (adult)
    Diana Scarwid - Christina Crawford (adult)
  • “I'd rather you go bald to school than looking like a tramp.”
    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
  • “- Christina Crawford (adult): I came in and I found her like this. You think she needs an ambulance?
    - Carol Ann: She doesn't need an ambulance. She's drunk.”

    Diana Scarwid - Christina Crawford (adult)
    Rutanya Alda - Carol Ann
  • “Oh Mommie. I always loved you so. It's over. The Pain. There's no more pain. You're free. Free. Oh Mommie...”

    Diana Scarwid - Christina Crawford (adult)
    [Tag:death, freedom, love]
  • “- Christina Crawford (child): I wanna know... why did you adopt me?
    - Joan Crawford: Maybe I did it for a little extra publicity... [realizes what she has just said] Tina! That's not true! You know that's not true.
    - Christina Crawford (child): But maybe just a little true?”

    Mara Hobel - Christina Crawford (child)
    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
  • “You know, a few minutesago a reporter asked me what I thought and how I would describe the marriage between the soft drink King and the Queen of Hollywood. I told him I thought it was a hell of a match.”
    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
    [Tag:actors, marriage]
  • “Adopted children are luckiest because they were chosen.”
    Mara Hobel - Christina Crawford (child)