“Midnight Express” quotes

Movie Midnight Express
Title Midnight Express
Year 1978
Director Alan Parker
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Biography
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Plot – American William Hayes is on holiday in Istanbul. There a taxi driver saddles him with two kilograms of hashish while going to the airport. He's arrested and sentenced in a Turkish prison, where he befriends Jimmy, Erich and Max. The jail is terrifying and the guards are brutal. Jimmy tries to escape but in vain, while William is granted a new trial but he's sentenced 30 years more. When accidentally Hayes kills the prison's director, there's a new hope of freedom.
All actors – Brad Davis, Irene Miracle, Bo Hopkins, Paolo Bonacelli, Paul L. Smith, Randy Quaid, Norbert Weisser, John Hurt, Mike Kellin, Franco Diogene, Michael Ensign, Gigi Ballista
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  • “For a nation of pigs, it sure is funny you don't eat them! Jesus Christ forgave the bastards, but I can't! I hate! I hate you! I hate your nation! And I hate your people! And I fuck your sons and daughters because they're pigs! You're a pig! You're all pigs.”

    Randy Quaid - Jimmy Booth
  • “I just wish you could be standing where I'm standing right now and feel what that feels like; because, then, you would know something that you don't know, Mr. Prosecutor: mercy! You would know that the concept of a society is based on the quality of that mercy; its sense of fair play; its sense of justice! But I guess that's like asking a bear...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    [Tag:justice, mercy, trial]
  • “There are no straight lawyers in Turkey. All bent. Bent, as happens, occupational necessity. They have special classes in corruption at night school. If you get suspected of honesty, then you get disbarred.”
    Sir John Hurt - Max
  • “Good morning, my American friend. It will be trouble if you go this way. A good Turk always walks to the right! Left is communist! Right is good. You see, you must go the other way. The other way is good!”

    Peter Jeffrey - Ahmet
  • “- Billy Hayes: What about you? What are you in for?
    - Erich: Hashish. 90% of the foreignershere are in for hashish or drug related charges from smuggling to posession. My advice is you get yourself a very good lawyer and try to argue down the charge you face. If they make it posession, the sentance is lighter.”

    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    Norbert Weisser - Erich
    [Tag:drugs, lawyers, theft]
  • “All right, Billy. I know it sounds tough, but - we are going to get you out! I promise you.”
    Mike Kellin - Mr. Hayes
    [Tag:escape, promises]
  • “- Jimmy Booth: What you in for? Hash?
    - Billy Hayes: Yeah.
    - Jimmy Booth: Where?
    - Billy Hayes: The airport - trying to get home.
    - Jimmy Booth: That's heavy.
    - Billy Hayes: You think so?
    - Jimmy Booth: Yeah, I think so. This isn't the good old USA. This is Turkey, man. It's a fucking accident here if you're innocent. They is nobody here who's...” (continue)
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    Randy Quaid - Jimmy Booth
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    [Tag:innocence, turkey]
  • “Dear Susan: 1970 has now passed into 1971. You can drift in here and never know you're gone. You can fade so far out that you don't know where you are anymore or where anything else is.”
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    [Tag:letters, time]
  • “- Jimmy Booth: The second way out, I need you guy's help, and that's under.
    - Billy Hayes: You mean tunnel? Are you serious?
    - Max: This is Shagmahr prison, not Stalag 17.
    - Jimmy Booth: Well that's where you're wrong fuckface, because it's already built!”

    Randy Quaid - Jimmy Booth
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    Sir John Hurt - Max
  • “- Max: The best thing to do is to get your ass out of here. Best way that you can.
    - Billy Hayes: Yeah, but how?
    - Max: Catch the midnight express.
    - Billy Hayes: But what's that?
    - Max: Well it's not a train. It's a prisonword for... escape. But it doesn't stop around here.”

    Sir John Hurt - Max
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
  • “I find loneliness is the physical pain which hurts all over. You can't isolate it in one part of your body.”
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    [Tag:pain, solitude]
  • “- Billy Hayes: Peacocks? Why peacocks?
    - Jimmy Booth: The Turks use them instead of dogs. They scream like mad if they're disturbed and they don't get rabies. The old sultans used to use them to guard their harems.”

    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    Randy Quaid - Jimmy Booth
    [Tag:animals, turkey]
  • “Can I have a blanket? You think I could have a blanket? It's cold. Could I have a blanket? A blanket!”
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
  • “Oh, Billy, I wish I could make it better for you.”
    Irene Miracle - Susan
  • “You seem like a nice guy, Billy. I really do feel sorry for you. But if you still try anything or try to run away again, I'll blow your fucking brains out!”

    Bo Hopkins - Tex
    [Tag:escape, threat]
  • “We all come from a factory and, sometimes, the factory makes bad machines. They don't work. So, they put them here. The bad machines don't know that they're bad machines. But, the people at the factory know. They know that you are one of the machines that doesn't work.”
    Peter Jeffrey - Ahmet
  • “You're going to eat a lot more fasolia beans, Billy Baby, before you taste - hamburger again. Cause you broke the law, man, and you got caught.”
    Randy Quaid - Jimmy Booth
    [Tag:crime, food]
  • “- Billy Hayes: What's Jimmy's story? Why is he in here? Hash?
    - Erich: No. He was caught stealing from a mosque. That is also a heavy crime here in Turkey.
    - Billy Hayes: What did he steal?
    - Erich: Two candle sticks.”

    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    Norbert Weisser - Erich
    [Tag:prison, theft, turkey]
  • “Dear Susan: poor Jimmy was caught and beaten so badly he got a severe hernia, and lost a testicle. He's been in the sanitarium for months. In comparison, my problems seem very small.”
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
  • “- Susan: Nervous?
    - Billy Hayes: No.
    - Susan: Geez, I hate flying.
    - Billy Hayes: It's something I ate. I think I've been poisoned.
    - Susan: Or you're just excited about getting home.
    - Billy Hayes: No, I think it's the baklavas.”

    Irene Miracle - Susan
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    [Tag:food, poison]
  • To the Turks, everything is "shurla burla", which means "like this, like that". You never know what will happen. All foreigners are "ayip", they're considered dirty. So is homosexuality, it's a big crime here, but most of them do it every chance they get.
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
  • “- Billy Hayes: How do you like it? Istanbul?
    - Mr. Hayes: An interesting place. I tell you the truth I think the food is lousy. The crap they sell in these little restaurants. I had to run to the toilet. You should've seen the toilet. Anyway, I'm not taking any more chances. I'm going to eat at the Hilton, every night, with steak and French...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    Mike Kellin - Mr. Hayes
    [Tag:food, turkey]
  • “Sit down for a moment, Billy. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.”
    Michael Ensign - Stanley Daniels
  • “- Mr. Hayes: Billy, why did you do it?
    - Billy Hayes: Money.
    - Mr. Hayes: Look, I know you kidssmoke that stuff and we drink booze; but, taking it across the border, that's - that's stupid, Billy. That's stupid!
    - Billy Hayes: I know. Dad - get me out of here.”

    Mike Kellin - Mr. Hayes
    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
  • “I've spent 3 1/2 years of my life in your prison, and I think I've paid for my error, and if it's your decision today to sentence me to more years, then I...”

    Brad Davis - Billy Hayes
    [Tag:mistake, prison]