“Saving Grace” quotes

Movie Saving Grace
Nigel Cole directed this movie in 2000
Title Saving Grace
Year 2000
Director Nigel Cole
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – In Cornwall the quiet life of Grace is shocked by the sudden death of her husband John. The woman discovers the man used to betray her and has left her in a bad financial situation. She now has to earn quickly some money and her gardener Matthew has the right idea: as Grace is an excellent gardener too, she can cultivate marijuana. The first plants grow soon and she goes to London to sell the product to a professional French drug dealer. When she returns home, Grace finds her fellow citizens in her greenhouse enjoining the weed, but she burns it as the police officers arrive and the powerful scent causes a sort of general ecstasy. To raise the lost money, Grace writes a book about her adventure and marries the French and charming drug dealer.
All actors – Brenda Blethyn, Craig Ferguson, Martin Clunes, Tchéky Karyo, Jamie Foreman, Bill Bailey, Valerie Edmond, Tristan Sturrock, Clive Merrison, Leslie Phillips, Diana Quick, Phyllida Law, Linda Kerr Scott, Denise Coffey, Paul Brooke, Ken Campbell, John Fortune, Philip Wright, Darren Southworth, Magnus Lindgren, Dean Lennox Kelly, Johnny Bamford, Bill Hallet, Alison Dillon, Bill Weston, Jonathan Kydd, Mark Crowdy, Jay Benedict, Ben Cole, , Peter Evans, Gary Greenberg, Alexander Jovy, Trevor White
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  • “- Jacques Chevalier: All the people I deal with are scum. I'm a little scummy myself. You are not scum. That worries me.
    - Grace Trevethyn: I take exception to that. I come from a long line of scum. My dear late husband was one of the scummiest men to walk the face of this Earth.
    - Jacques Chevalier: My apologies.”

    Tchéky Karyo - Jacques
    Brenda Blethyn - Grace
    [Tag:badness, people]
  • “I'm glad to see she's keeping up the village tradition of total contempt for the law.”

    Paul Brooke - Charlie
  • “I avoid confrontation. If you grew up in Glasgow in the 1970's you'd avoid confrontation too. All I want is a easy life. I want to grow some vegetables, smoke some weed, sing carols at Christmas time and who knows? One day I'd like to be a dad and raise a couple of fucking children.”
    Craig Ferguson - Matthew
  • “Nicky doesn't want to be in a relationship with someone who's irresponsible. And I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who isn't Nicky.”
    Craig Ferguson - Matthew
  • “I like Matthew. He's a good soul... for a Scotsman.”
    Leslie Phillips - Vicar
  • “- Nicky: I like it here, it's so peaceful and quiet.
    - Vicar Gerald Percy: If you think this is quiet, you should see Evensong.”

    Valerie Edmond - Nicky
    Leslie Phillips - Vicar
    [Tag:city, tranquility]
  • “- Matthew Stewart: Last time you were in London was five years ago for the Chelsea FlowerShow. You can't sell this stuff at a florist!
    - Grace Trevethyn: What's your master plan then?
    - Matthew Stewart: I was going to go to Portabello Road. With the greatest respect, I'm the young hip one. You're the hip replacement.”

    Craig Ferguson - Matthew
    Brenda Blethyn - Grace
    [Tag:drugs, old age]
  • “The mutant buds are nearly ready, Great One. Soon we will release them into the atmosphere and take over the entire planet!”

    Craig Ferguson - Matthew
    [Tag:drugs, imitation]
  • “- Quentin Rhodes: I'm looking for Lilac House. I'm trying to contact Grace Trevethyn.
    - Diana Singer: I love Grace. I really, really love her. She has wonderful hair... soft and silky like a lovely Angora rabbit.
    - Quentin Rhodes: Right. Where do I find her?
    - Diana Singer: In a lovely, lovely house. I love her.
    - Quentin Rhodes: And how do I...” (continue)
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    Clive Merrison - Quentin
    Linda Kerr Scott - Diana