“My Life So Far” quotes

Movie My Life So Far
Title My Life So Far
Year 1999
Director Hugh Hudson
Genre Drama, Comedy, Biography
Plot – The movie is set during the 20s in Scotland. At Harewood House, a castle in the Highlands, the matriarch Gamma lives with her daughter Moira, his son Edward and the grandchildren Elspeth and Fraser. One day, the brother of Moira, Morris, arrives to the castle together with his sophisticated and beautiful French girlfriend Heloise. The charm of the woman will upset Fraser’s imagination, Edward’s heart and the family’s harmony.
All actors – Colin Firth, Rosemary Harris, Irène Jacob, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Malcolm McDowell, Robert Norman, Tchéky Karyo, Kelly Macdonald, Roddy McDonald, Daniel Baird, Jennifer Fergie, Kirstin Smith
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  • “What's really great about learning the manly art of fishing is that it gives you loads of time to think about what you read in the secret library. And the books give you loads of things to think about while you're fishing.”
    Robert Norman - Fraser
    [Tag:books, fishing, time]
  • “I found an article about a thing called prostitution. I read it three times. It's one of the most interesting things I've ever come across.”
    Robert Norman - Fraser
  • If you ask him why he hates jazz, he says things like "Jazz is the sound of the Devil, sniggering at our folly". So you end up not knowing anything... except now I know for sure the Devil doesn't lurk in our attic.

    Robert Norman - Fraser
  • It's dad's fault if I'm ignorant, because he never tells me about anything useful. If you ask him why Beethoven is so wonderful, he says stuff like "Beethoven is the sound of God, talking in his sleep".
    Robert Norman - Fraser
  • “Our house is probably too big, which is why my mum kept having babies so we can keep it filled up.”
    Robert Norman - Fraser
  • “The next time you hear music in a dream, as soon as you're waking up you must run down to the loch with me and have a cold plunge.”

    Colin Firth - Edward
    [Tag:dreams, music]
  • "Dearest Samuel, forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. I have many things I would like to teach you, if only we can find the opportunity. The very thought arouses me to lubricious ecstasies". Probably a golfing friend.

    Robert Norman - Fraser
    [Tag:father, friends]
  • “When I was very little, the thing I hated most in all the world was resting. Resting was really just a kind of torture invented for people like me and my sister Brenda.”
    Robert Norman - Fraser
  • “It was during the Great War that we first started mining moss. It was used for putting on soldiers' wounds, because it was ten times more absorbent than cotton wool. So when they were horribly wounded, it was our moss that soaked up their blood and guts and everything.”
    Robert Norman - Fraser
    [Tag:soldiers, war, wound]