“The Secret of Bear Mountain” quotes

Movie The Secret of Bear Mountain
Title The Secret of Bear Mountain
Original title Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain
Year 1995
Director Kevin James Dobson
Genre Drama, Adventure, Family, Mystery
Plot – Beth is forced to move with her mother to the countryside. She hates the new town but then she befriends Jody, a girl who is the same age as her with a bad reputation and an alcoholic mother. One day they decide to explore Bear Mountain's caves, that contains a gold mine according to some legends.
All actors – Christina Ricci, Anna Chlumsky, Polly Draper, Brian Kerwin, Diana Scarwid, David Keith, Gillian Barber, Ashleigh Aston Moore, Jewel Staite, Amy Kirk, Dwight McFee, Andrew Wheeler
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