“Tron” quotes

Movie Tron
Title Tron
Original title TRON
Year 1982
Director Steven Lisberger
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
Plot – Flynn is a videogames programmer who works against ENCOM, a powerful computer company whose director Dillinger has taken possession of some of his software. Flynn admires Dillinger, who's a videogames champion, but evidences are hidden in the Master Control Program, a computer used as a watchdog to the company database. Flynn, together with Bradley and Lora - two ENCOM employees, tries to recover his software. One night they introduce in the company headquarters to force the computer, but Flynn is observed by an electronic eye and then immobilized by a powerful laser which digitizes him and turns him into a digital code. As a microchip compound, Flynn discovers that the software he has created has created a new race of creatures who have the duty to execute orders.
All actors – Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner, Cindy Morgan, Barnard Hughes, Dan Shor, Peter Jurasik, Tony Stephano, Craig Chudy, Vince Deadrick Jr., Sam Schatz, Jackson Bostwick, David S. Cass Sr., Gerald Berns, Bob Neill, Ted White, Mark Stewart, Michael Sax, Tony Brubaker, Charlie Picerni, Pierre Vuilleumier, Erik Cord, Loyd Catlett, Michael Dudikoff, Richard Bruce Friedman, Rick Feck, John Kenworthy, Lisette Kremer, Jerry Maren
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  • “On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy.”

    Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn
    [Tag:computer, reality]
  • “All that is visible must grow beyond itself, and extend into the realm of the invisible.”
    Barnard Hughes - Dumont
  • “- Kevin Flynn: You are going to stick with me, right?
    - Lora: What for? You're the one who never needed help, remember?
    - Kevin Flynn: Come on, I'm - I'm scared of the dark. All this technology scares me.”

    Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn
    Cindy Morgan - Lora
  • - Ed Dillinger: The MCP is the most efficient way of handling what we do! I can't sit here and worry about every little user request that comes in!
    - Dr. Walter Gibbs: User requests are what computers are for!
    - Ed Dillinger: "Doing our business" is what computers are for.

    David Warner - Ed Dillinger
    Barnard Hughes - Dr. Walter Gibbs
  • “- Dr. Walter Gibbs: You've got to expect some static. After all, computers are just machines; they can't think.
    - Alan Bradley: Some programs will be thinking soon.
    - Dr. Walter Gibbs: Won't that be grand? Computers and the programs will start thinking and the people will stop.”

    Barnard Hughes - Dr. Walter Gibbs
    Bruce Boxleitner - Alan Bradley
  • “- Ed Dillinger: ENCOM isn't the business you started in your garage anymore. We're building accounts in thirty different countries. New defense systems. We have one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment in existence.
    - Dr. Walter Gibbs: Oh, I know all that. Sometimes I wish I were back in that garage.
    - Ed Dillinger: That can be arranged...” (continue)
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    David Warner - Ed Dillinger
    Barnard Hughes - Dr. Walter Gibbs
  • “- Ed Dillinger: We've had to shut down all Group 7 personnel, just briefly security. Someone with that access has been tampering.
    - Alan Bradley: I hope you don't think it's me. I don't even balance my checkbook on downtime. I have an abacus at home for that.”

    David Warner - Ed Dillinger
    Bruce Boxleitner - Alan Bradley
  • “- Sark: There's nothing special about you. You're just an ordinary program.
    - Kevin Flynn: So are you, one that should have been erased.”

    David Warner - Sark
    Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn
  • “- Kevin Flynn: Hey Ram, what were you, you know, before?
    - Ram: I was an actuarial program. Worked for a big insurance company. It really gives you a great feeling helping folks plan for their future needs. Of course, if you take the payments as an annuity over the years, the cost is really quite minimal.”

    Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn
    Dan Shor - Ram
  • “Like the man says, there's no problems, only solutions.”
    Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn
  • “- Ed Dillinger: What do you want with the Pentagon?
    - Master Control Program: The same thing I want with the Kremlin. I'm bored with corporations.”

    David Warner - Ed Dillinger
    David Warner - Master Control Program
  • “- Kevin Flynn: She still leave her clothes all over the floor?
    - Lora: Flynn!
    - Alan Bradley: No!
    - Lora: Alan!
    - Alan Bradley: I mean, not that often.
    - Lora: Now you can see why all his friends are 14 years old!”

    Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn
    Cindy Morgan - Lora
    Bruce Boxleitner - Alan Bradley
    [Tag:age, behavior, friends]