• - Stan the Rookie: We had our first practice today.
    - Sgt. Richard "Rascal" Moore: Oh yeah? How'd it go?
    - Stan the Rookie: Well, we need a couple more. If you guys have any advice...?
    - Sgt. Jack Bocci: Yeah, get a gun, shoot yourself in the foot, and go home!
    - Sgt. Eugene McVey: Now, that's good advice!
    - Sgt. Richard "Rascal" Moore: Hey, are those size eights? How about leaving a little will saying when you get your ass shot off on your first mission that those nice, shiny new pumps come to me, huh?

    Steven Mackintosh - Stan the Rookie
    Sean Astin - Sgt. Richard "Rascal" Moore
    Neil Giuntoli - Sgt. Jack Bocci
    Courtney Gains - Sgt. Eugene McVey
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9/16/98 at 9:13 AM
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