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Elaine May
April 21, 1932 in Filadelfia
North American
film director, actor, scriptwriter
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Elaine May quotes
  • “Information cannot argue with a closed mind.”
    Elaine May
  • “- Marvin Michaels: I've missed you. Let's go to the living room. God, I've missed you! Let's make love in the living room.
    - Millie Michaels: You've missed me? You've only been away one night?
    - Marvin Michaels: I know; but, there's a three hour time difference.”

    Walter Matthau - Marvin Michaels
    Elaine May - Millie Michaels
    [Tag:making love, time]
  • “- May Sloane: Then the lights begin to flash. Little pinpoints of light. Then my tongue turns black and I can't swallow.
    - Dr. Henske: Really?
    - May Sloane: The diagnosis is Parkinson's, but they think it could be the Ebola virus, or mad cow disease.”

    Elaine May - May
    Marvin Chatinover - Dr. Henske
  • “The only safe thing is to take a chance.”
    Elaine May
  • “It was a really tragic story because my husband, Otto, was dyslexic, and the only thing he could spell correctly was his name.”
    Elaine May - May
    [Tag:disease, husband]
  • “I like a moralproblem so much better than a real problem.”
    Elaine May
  • “- Reva Prosky: It's the mafia! The mafia is after us!
    - Marianne Flan: Oh, the mafia wouldn't try to kill us and make it look like an accident! They'd just kill us! They're the mafia.
    - Reva Prosky: Oh, yes. But what if it connects them to something bigger, like drugs, or murder!?
    - Marianne Flan: Do you know much about the mafia?”

    Marlo Thomas - Reva Prosky
    Elaine May - Marianne Flan
    [Tag:killing, mafia]
  • “I met a wonderful man downstairs. He seemed to like me. He said I reminded him of his wife who's dead. But I assume he meant when she was alive.”
    Elaine May - May
    [Tag:meeting, wife]
  • “- Ray: I get a bad vibe about this guy, David. It's my street instinct, but I just don't trust him.
    - May Sloane: Yeah, I know why. Because he's younger than you are, handsomer than you are, he's much taller than you are, he's smarter than you are, he's much more exciting than you are...
    - Ray: May, don't feel obligated to pull any punches with...” (continue)
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    Woody Allen - Ray
    Elaine May - May
    [Tag:envy, instinct]