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Winston Duke quotes
  • “- Adelaide Wilson: You know how sometimes things line up?
    - Gabe Wilson: Yeah.
    - Adelaide Wilson: You know, like coincidences. Since we’ve been here, they’ve been happening more and more. I think I feel like it means like she’s getting closer.
    - Gabe Wilson: Who? The mirror girl?
    - Adelaide Wilson: You don’t believe me.
    - Gabe Wilson: I do. I...” (continue)
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    Lupita Nyong'o - Adelaide Wilson
    Winston Duke - Gabe Wilson
  • “The world has taken away too much for you to still be considered a child.”

    Winston Duke - M'Baku
  • “I feel I'm following my path. I'm living my truth, and my path is storytelling.”
    Winston Duke
  • “What is your duty to a country? Do you follow it blindly? Or do you challenge your country to be better and stand up to the ideals that all men are created equal and everyone deserves equity, not just equality?”
    Winston Duke
  • “People are deeply interested in rewriting the established narratives and challenging what we see as the norm in every way. We want to see a new definition of beauty and sexy.”
    Winston Duke
  • “I need to not be typecast as big, black, and dumb but be seen as an intelligent, witty, bold, and charismatic person.”
    Winston Duke
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  • “- Gabe Wilson: Let's make some traps or something, like some 'Home Alone' type stuff. That way, if she comes...
    - Adelaide Wilson: Tell me you did not just reference 'Home Alone'.
    - Gabe Wilson: You know what I'm talking about.
    - Adelaide Wilson: Gabe. They've been planning this. They have the upper hand. This is the time to run, not to be...” (continue)
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    Winston Duke - Gabe Wilson
    Lupita Nyong'o - Adelaide Wilson
    Evan Alex - Jason Wilson
    Shahadi Wright Joseph - Zora Wilson