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Movie Belly
Title Belly
Year 1998
Director Hype Williams
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – Tommy Brown and Sincere are two very popular gangsters and they deal with drug traffics and armed robberies. They grew up in Queens, then they moved to a better zone in Manhattan. Here they soon understand that they have to change their life, so Sincere wants to find his roots back and plans to come back to Africa, while Tommy has a religious revelation.
All actors – DMX, Nas, Hassan Johnson, Taral Hicks, Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins, Oliver 'Power' Grant, Louie Rankin, Stan Drayton, James Parris, Method Man, Kurt Loder, Ben Chavis, Tyrin Turner, Jay Black, John 'B.J.' Bryant, Prince 'Blunt' Graham, Wondosas 'Kilo' Martin, Shaun Morrison, Frank Vincent, Eric Keith McNeil, Xavier Simmons, LaVita Raynor, Monica Michaels, Jen Gatien, Az, David Edwards, Jeffrey H. Kaufman, Brant Spencer, Adam Vignola, Micaal Stevens, Michael Woodhouse, Tyrone Lewis, Carmen Yannuzzi Jr., Crystal N. Johnson, James Gresham, Michael Manning, Tony Devon, Akim Black, Bogle, Paul Borghese, Joe Crosson, Brother Eden Douglas, Dufflyn Lammers, Steve Nuke, Sean Paul, Ronald 'Too Small' Small, Nick Stellate
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