“Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” quotes

Movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Rob Cohen directed this movie in 1993
Title Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Year 1993
Director Rob Cohen
Genre Drama, Biography, Action
Plot – Bruce Lee is fond of martial arts. He gets into troubles very often and he's not favored by Hong Kong police. For this reason, he moves to San Francisco and works as a karate instructor. Meanwhile, he's noticed by the world of cinema that makes him a real idol, but Lee, haunted by strange visions especially by a samurai without a face, soon meets his tragic fate.
All actors – Jason Scott Lee, Lauren Holly, Robert Wagner, Michael Learned, Nancy Kwan, Kay Tong Lim, Ric Young, Luoyong Wang, Sterling Macer Jr., Sven-Ole Thorsen, Ong Soo Han, Eric Bruskotter, Aki Aleong, Chao Li Chi, Sam Hau, Iain M. Parker, Michelle Tennant, Clyde Kusatsu, Alicia Tao, Kong Kwong-Keung, John Cheung, Anthony Carpio, Tat-kwong Chan, John Lacy, Harry Stanback, Michael Cudlitz, Forry Smith, Sean Stanek, Van Williams, Alan Eugster, Paul Raci, Ed Parker Jr., Shannon Lee, Robert Garrett, Lala Sloatman, Fu Suk Han, Nick Brandon, Louis Turenne, Paul Mantee, Jonathan Penner, Jan Solomita, Shannon Uno, Rob Cohen, Lau Pak Lam, Pamela Holt, Mark King, Johnny Mask, Steve Spry
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  • “- Vivian Emery: What about children? That's what marriage is about, children, and what will they be? They won't be white, and they won't be oriental. They'll be some kind of half-breed and will not be accpted by either side.
    - Bruce Lee: They'll be American. Linda's American, I'm an American.
    - Vivian Emery: No. you're an American citizen Mr. Lee.”

    Michael Learned - Vivian Emery
    Jason Scott Lee - Bruce Lee
  • We all have inner demons to fight. We call these demons "fear", and "hatred", and "anger". If you don't conquer them, then a life of a hundred years is a tragedy. If you do, a life of a single day can be a triumph.

    Luoyong Wang - Yip Man
  • “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”
    Jason Scott Lee - Bruce Lee
  • “- Principal Elder: Bruce, we do things differently here. One of the things we do not do is teach our secrets to white, blacks. They are the enemy.
    - Bruce Lee: They are not the enemy. They just don't know us. We've been so closed for so long, they've never seen the real beauty of our culture. Lets show it to them.”

    Aki Aleong - Principal Elder
    Jason Scott Lee - Bruce Lee
  • “When I was a kid I had all these crazy ideas: I wanted to show the world the beauty of our culture, I wanted to give them a hero, a Chinese hero. But I want something else now, I want to stop breaking my wife's heart, I want to play with my children without having to look at the clock; they're American, I need to go back to America or I'll lose...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Jason Scott Lee - Bruce Lee
  • “Emotion can be the enemy.”
    Jason Scott Lee - Bruce Lee
  • “It isn't size or strength that matters, it's focus.”
    Jason Scott Lee - Bruce Lee
  • “- Linda Lee: We're going. I want you to come with us. I want the kids to have a father again.
    - Bruce Lee: Don't lay any guilt trips on me!
    - Linda Lee: I'm not taking any guilt trips! This place is eating us up! Can't you see that, Bruce?
    - Bruce Lee: This place has given us a life! I'm somebody here! I'm special! Back there, I'm just another...” (continue)
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    Lauren Holly - Linda Lee
    Jason Scott Lee - Bruce Lee
  • “Kung fu is more than a system of fighting. It's a system of thought. You must outthink your opponent, whatever form he takes... because some of them will be more than just men.”

    Luoyong Wang - Yip Man
  • “- Linda Lee: I want you to come with us.
    - Bruce Lee: Forget it. I worked in America for ten years and what did it get me? It got me nothing.
    - Linda Lee: It got you me.”

    Lauren Holly - Linda Lee
    Jason Scott Lee - Bruce Lee
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  • “Three weeks before the opening of Enter the Dragon, the movie that would bring him into international fame, Bruce fell into a mysterious coma and died. He was 32. Thousands of fans have gathered in Hong Kong for the funeral. I buried him in America so he can be close to us. There are many people that want to know the way he died, I want to...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Lauren Holly - Linda Lee