“Frankenstein” quotes

Movie Frankenstein
Title Frankenstein
Year 1931
Director James Whale
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror
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Plot – A young scientist has found a magnetic fluid thanks to which, grafting a new brain into a dead man, it is possible to bring him back to life. In his experiment, though, he uses a brain that belonged to a crazy criminal. The result is a dangerous savage. The monster kills the guards and goes in search of the young scientist who gave him, so to speak, life. The man had gone to his native village to marry his girlfriend and the presence of the monster is reported in the village and a fierce hunt is organized. The young doctor manages to be saved just as he is about to be destroyed by the beast. Finally, the monster dies horribly in a fire.
All actors – Colin Clive, Mae Clarke, John Boles, Boris Karloff, Edward Van Sloan, Frederick Kerr, Dwight Frye, Lionel Belmore, Marilyn Harris, Ted Billings, Mae Bruce, Jack Curtis
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  • “The brain you stole, Fritz. Think of it. The brain of a dead man waiting to live again in a body I made with my own hands! With my own hands.”
    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
    [Tag:brain, creation, death]
  • “We are about to unfold the story of Frankenstein, a man of science who sought to create a man after his own image without reckoning upon God.”
    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
  • “I have discovered the great ray that first brought life upon the earth.”
    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
    [Tag:discovery, life]
  • “You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!”

    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
  • “It is one of the strangest tales ever told. It deals with the two great mysteries of creation: life and death. I think it will thrill you. It might even... horrify you.”
    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
  • “The neck's broken. The brain is useless. We must find another brain.”
    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
  • Here's to health, a son to the house of Frankenstein... Here's to jolly good health to young Frankenstein.”
    Frederick Kerr - Baron Frankenstein
    [Tag:health, hope]
  • “- Henry Frankenstein: Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive!
    - Victor Moritz: Henry, in the name of God!
    - Henry Frankenstein: Oh, in the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!”

    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
    John Boles - Victor Moritz
    [Tag:creation, god]
  • “There can be no wedding while this horrible creation of mine is still alive. I made him with these hands, and with these hands I will destroy him. I must find him.”

    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
  • “- Hans: Maria... she's drowned.
    - The Burgomaster: My poor man, why do you bring her here?
    - Hans: She was murdered!”

    Francis Ford - Hans
    Lionel Belmore - The Burgomaster
    [Tag:death, murder]
  • “- Henry Frankenstein: It's like Heaven, being with you again.
    - Elizabeth: Heaven wasn't so far away all the time, you know.
    - Henry Frankenstein: I know, but I didn't realize it. My work. Those horrible days and nights. I couldn't think of anything else.”

    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
    Mae Clarke - Elizabeth
    [Tag:love, working]
  • “- Doctor Waldman: You really believe you can bring life to the dead?
    - Henry Frankenstein: That body is not dead. It has never lived. I created it. I made it with my own hands, from the bodies I took from graves, from the gallows, anywhere! Go and see for yourself.”

    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
    [Tag:creation, death, life]
  • “The brain which was stolen from my laboratory... was a criminal brain.”
    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
    [Tag:brain, crime]
  • “- Doctor Waldman: Herr Frankenstein is greatly changed.
    - Victor Moritz: You mean changed as a result of his work?
    - Doctor Waldman: Yes, his work, his insane ambition to create life.”

    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
    John Boles - Victor Moritz
  • “I've got to experiment further. He's only a few days old, remember. So far he's been kept in complete darkness. Wait till I bring him into the light.”

    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
  • “- Victor Moritz: You're crazy!
    - Henry Frankenstein: Crazy, am I? We'll see whether I'm crazy or not.”

    John Boles - Victor Moritz
    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
  • “It's a monster, shoot it!”
    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
    [Tag:killing, monster]
  • “Have you never wanted to do anything that was dangerous? Where should we be if no one tried to find out what lies beyond?”

    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
  • “Herr Frankenstein is a most brilliant young man, yet so erratic he troubles me.”
    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
  • “Herr Frankenstein was interested only in human life. First, to destroy it; then, recreate it. There you have his mad dream.”

    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
  • “The bodies we use in our dissecting room for lecture purposes were not perfect enough for his experiments, he said. He wished us to supply him with other bodies and we were not to be too particular as to where and how we got them.”

    Edward Van Sloan - Doctor Waldman
    [Tag:body, experiment]
  • “There's nothing to fear. Look. No blood, no decay. Just a few stitches.”

    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
    [Tag:blood, fear]
  • “Who are you? I'm Maria. Will you play with me?”

    Marilyn Harris - Little Maria
  • “This storm will be magnificent. All the electrical secrets of Heaven.”
    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein