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Movie Hair
Title Hair
Year 1979
Director Milos Forman
Genre Drama, Comedy, Musical
Plot – Claude Bukowski leaves Oklahoma and goes to New York to join the Marines. In Central Park he meets a friendly hippie, George Burger, and his friends Jeannie, Woof and Lafayette. They try to make him change his mind and convince Claude to spend with them some time before going to Vietnam. The group participates to a party even if they're not invited, because Claude wants to meet Sheila again, a girl he has met in the park. Then police intervenes and the guys end up in jail.
All actors – John Savage, Treat Williams, Beverly D'Angelo, Annie Golden, Dorsey Wright, Don Dacus, Cheryl Barnes, Richard Bright, Nicholas Ray, Charlotte Rae, Miles Chapin, Fern Tailer, Charles Denny, Herman Meckler, Agness Breen, Antonia Rey, George J. Manos, Linda Surh, Jane Booke, Suzanna Love, Joe Acord, Michael Jeter, Janet York, Rahsaan Curry, Harry Gittleson, Donald Alsdurf, Steve Massicotte, Mario Nelson, Renn Woods, Toney Watkins, Carl Hall, Howard Porter, Nell Carter, Kurt Yaghjian, Laurie Beechman, Debi Dye, Ellen Foley, Johnny Maestro, Fred Ferrara, Jim Rosica, Vincent Carella, Charlayne Woodard, Trudy Perkins, Chuck Patterson, H. Douglas Berring, Russell Costen, Kenny Brawner, Lee Wells, Leata Galloway, Cyrena Lomba, Ron Young, John DeRobertas, Grand L. Bush, Melba Moore, Ronnie Dyson, Rose Marie Wright, Tom Rawe, Jennifer Way, Shelley Washington, Christine Uchida, Raymond Kurshals, Richard Colton, Anthony Ferro, Sara Rudner, Pat Benoye, Cameron Burke, Richard Caceres, Tony Constantine, Ron Dunham, Leonard Feiner, Ken Gildin, Kate Glasner, Christian Holder, Chris Komar, Nancy Lefkowith, Joseph Lennon, Robert Levithan, France Mayotte, Héctor Mercado, Sharon Miripolsky, Marta Renzi, Donna Ritchie, Ellen Saltonstall, Radha Sukhu, Byron Utley, Earlise Vails, Ronald Weeks, Kimmary Williams, Deborah Zalkind, Johanna Baer, Carolyn Brown, Colleen O'Callaghan, Susan Clark, Jennifer Douglas, Karen Mays, Megan Murphy, Vicki Lynn Powell, Anna Spelman, Lauralee Stapfer, Deborah Wagman, Amy Hartman, Adrienne King, Warren Kliewer, Sunny Leigh, Sharmagne Leland-St. John, Peter Maloney, Esther Oldham-Farfan, Patrick Reynolds, Laird Stuart, Frank Kahlil Wheaton
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  • “The draft is white people sending black people to make war on the yellow people to defend the land they stole from the red people!”
    [Tag:ethnicity, war]
  • “- Jeannie Ryan: I know who the father is.
    - Lafayette aka Hud: You know that, you know a lot. If the baby comes out all white and squishy-like, crying his ass off, then we know Woof is definitely the daddy. But if he comes out all beautiful and chocolate brown, that's mine!”

    Annie Golden - Jeannie Ryan
    Dorsey Wright - Lafayette aka Hud
  • “- PrisonPsychiatrist: And men?
    - Woof: What do you mean...?
    - PrisonPsychiatrist: You have any sexual attraction towards men?
    - Woof: You mean if I'm a homosexual or something like that?
    - PrisonPsychiatrist: Yeah.
    - Woof: Well, I wouldn't kick Mick Jagger out of my bed, but I'm not a homosexual, no.”

    Janet York - Prison Psychiatrist
    Don Dacus - Woof
  • “- Sheila Franklin: I was thinking of writing him. What should I say?
    - Jeannie Ryan: I wanna say something! I wanna say... tell him I said... Jeannie says 'Hi!'.”

    Beverly D'Angelo - Sheila Franklin
    Annie Golden - Jeannie Ryan
    [Tag:greeting, letters]
  • “- Claude Hooper Bukowski: You do what you have to do, and I'm going to do what I have to do.
    - Lafayette aka Hud: Who are you doing it for?
    - Claude Hooper Bukowski: I'm doing it for you, man.
    - Lafayette aka Hud: Don't hand me that. Look, if you're doing it for me, don't, because if the shoe was on the other foot, I wouldn't do it for you.”

    John Savage - Claude Hooper Bukowski
    Dorsey Wright - Lafayette aka Hud
    [Tag:decision, war]
  • “- George Berger: Where you from?
    - Claude Hooper Bukowski: Oklahoma.
    - Jeannie Ryan: Listen man I know what how it feels, I used to come from Kansas myself.”

    Treat Williams - George Berger
    John Savage - Claude Hooper Bukowski
    Annie Golden - Jeannie Ryan
    [Tag:feeling, place]
  • “- Mr. Berger, George's Father: Goddammit, every time you come home there's trouble. Why don't you clean yourself up a bit? Why don't you get a haircut? Get a haircut and I'll give you the money, you don't even have to pay it back.
    - George Berger: You'll give me the money if I get a haircut?”

    George J. Manos - Mr. Berger, George's Father
    Treat Williams - George Berger
  • “- Steve Wright: We'll have it for you at four o'clock.
    - George Berger: See, that's just what my other problem is, man.
    - Steve Wright: What?
    - George Berger: You're full of shit.”

    Miles Chapin - Steve Wright
    Treat Williams - George Berger
    [Tag:insult, money]
  • “Say, can you see my eyes? If you can, then my hair's too short.”
    Don Dacus - Woof
    [Tag:eyes, hair]
  • “- George Berger: Are you an asshole, soldier?
    - Claude Hooper Bukowski: No, Sergeant!
    - George Berger: That's too bad, because I am.”

    Treat Williams - George Berger
    John Savage - Claude Hooper Bukowski
  • “Hair like Jesus wore it. Hallelujah! I adore it! Hallelujah! Mary loved her son. Why don't my mother love me?”
    Don Dacus - Woof
    [Tag:hair, love, mother]
  • “- Jeannie Ryan: Do you want to get married?
    - Claude Hooper Bukowski: To who?
    - Jeannie Ryan: Me!”

    Annie Golden - Jeannie Ryan
    John Savage - Claude Hooper Bukowski