“In the Mouth of Madness” quotes

Movie In the Mouth of Madness
John Carpenter directed this movie in 1994
Title In the Mouth of Madness
Year 1994
Director John Carpenter
Genre Horror, Fantasy, Mystery
Plot – Insurance detective John Trent is called to investigate the disappearance of Sutter Cane, a well-known writer of horror stories. After nearly having been decapitated by a madman with an ax in a restaurant, together with Linda Styles, secretary of the publisher Jackson Harglow, Trent embarks on a road trip in search for the writer who disappeared without delivering his last novel, "In the Mouth of Madness". Exiting from a tunnel after some disturbing encounters with a sort of zombie on a bike, the two find themselves at Hobb's End, the imaginary town where Cane's terrifying stories take place and where everything is disturbing, from the old hotel to its mysterious owner, from the de-consecrated church to a ghostly group of children that only Linda sees who are chasing a dog.
All actors – Sam Neill, Julie Carmen, Jürgen Prochnow, David Warner, John Glover, Bernie Casey, Peter Jason, Charlton Heston, Frances Bay, Wilhelm von Homburg, Kevin Rushton, Gene Mack, Conrad Bergschneider, Marvin Scott, Katherine Ashby, Ben Gilbert, Dennis O'Connor, Paul Brogren, Sharon Dyer, Sean Ryan, Lance Paton, Jacelyn Holmes, Hayden Christensen, Garry Robbins, Sean Roberge, Robert Lewis Bush, Louise Beaven, Cliff Woolner, Deborah Theaker, Chuck Campbell, Carolyn Tweedle, Thom Bell, Mark Adriaans, Jack Moore-Wickham, David Austerwell, Richard Kohler, Kieran Sells, Laura Schmidt, Kyle Sheehan, Daniel Verhoeven, Kevin Zegers, Katie Zegers, , Jim Fyfe
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