“Little Darlings” quotes

Movie Little Darlings
Title Little Darlings
Year 1980
Director Ron Maxwell
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Angel and Ferris are two young teenagers who participate together to a "summer camp", a vacation group with other guys of their same age. The two girls are still virgins and challenge one another to lose their virginity that very summer, so they bet on who will be their first one.
All actors – Tatum O'Neal, Kristy McNichol, Armand Assante, Matt Dillon, Margaret Blye, Nicolas Coster, Krista Errickson, Alexa Kenin, Abby Bluestone, Cynthia Nixon, Simone Schachter, Jenn Thompson
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  • “This is my friend Ferris Whitney... my best friend.”
    Kristy McNichol - Angel
  • “- Cinder: Ever been to fourth base?
    - Ferris: I'm fifteen. No one goes to fourth base...
    - Cinder: I hit a home run at fourteen. Well I guess some of us are women, and some of us are little girls.”

    Krista Errickson - Cinder
    Tatum O'Neal - Ferris
    [Tag:age, sex, women]
  • “- Angel: You've been hanging around creeps.
    - Ms. Bright: Angel! That's not a very nice thing to say to your mom.
    - Angel: I'm gonna keep my eye on you.”

    Kristy McNichol - Angel
    Margaret Blye - Ms. Bright
    [Tag:control, mother]
  • “Angel Vs. Farris. Who ever loses there virginity first wins!”
    Krista Errickson - Cinder
  • “- Dana: Now remember, don't be scared! That's the most important thing. And uh, don't... don't talk about your past. That turns men off.
    - Angel: I don't have a past, idiot.”

    Alexa Kenin - Dana
    Kristy McNichol - Angel
    [Tag:fear, past, sex]
  • “- Angel: This seat's taken.
    - Ferris: By who?
    - Angel: My guardian angel.
    - Ferris: Well, she'll have to sit on my lap.
    - Angel: She's a he.
    - Ferris: Then I'll have to sit on his lap.”

    Kristy McNichol - Angel
    Tatum O'Neal - Ferris
    [Tag:angels, gender]
  • “- Angel: Where'd you get the car?
    - Randy: The car? I borrowed it.
    - Angel: What about the girl?
    - Randy: She came with the car.”

    Kristy McNichol - Angel
    Matt Dillon - Randy
    [Tag:cars, girl]
  • “- Dana: I knew this one girl and I swear, she did it on a rollercoaster. Hey Ferris, where's the weirdest place you ever did it?
    - Ferris: None of your business.”

    Alexa Kenin - Dana
    Tatum O'Neal - Ferris
    [Tag:curiosity, sex]
  • “- Ferris: You sort of want me, don't you?
    - Gary: Ferris, maybe I do, but that's not the point. You see, to you, sex is poetry and phrases and everything you learned in books. You know, but when you're really in love...
    - Ferris: I am!
    - Gary: Ferris, I'm not a prince. I'm a teacher. You know, in a year you're gonna look at me and you're gonna...” (continue)
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    Tatum O'Neal - Ferris
    Armand Assante - Gary
    [Tag:love, sex, teachers]
  • “Ferris probably isn't gay, just sexually immature.”
    Krista Errickson - Cinder
  • “- Angel: What are we supposed to do now? I don't... I mean, I don't know anything.
    - Randy: I don't know. I think I love you.
    - Angel: You don't have to, you know.
    - Randy: I know.
    - Angel: God, I feel so lonesome.”

    Kristy McNichol - Angel
    Matt Dillon - Randy
  • “Ferris, I'm kinda glad you and Gary didn't fool around. Kissing is more romantic.”
    Cynthia Nixon - Sunshine
    [Tag:kiss, romance]
  • “- Angel: I'm not a woman... Randy. Making love is... it's... it's... it's different... than what I thought it was... gonna be... like.
    - Randy: You mean, you never did it before? Christ, why didn't you tell me?
    - Angel: I thought it would turn you off. Virgins are weird, right?”

    Kristy McNichol - Angel
    Matt Dillon - Randy
    [Tag:maidenhood, sex]
  • “- Angel: When did you lose your virginity? I just want to know.
    - Ms. Bright: Why? Now why do you want to know that? Curiosity? I know I must have been at least nineteen.
    - Angel: Nineteen?
    - Ms. Bright: It was nothing. Still is nothing.”

    Kristy McNichol - Angel
    Margaret Blye - Ms. Bright
  • “- Carrots: You know who I just love? Andy Gibb. He's so cute.
    - Dana: Oh yeah. God I love his ass... well, you know, it's so round and... cute.”

    Simone Schachter - Carrots
    Alexa Kenin - Dana
    [Tag:body, love]