“Mistress America” quotes

Movie Mistress America
Title Mistress America
Year 2015
Director Noah Baumbach
Genre Comedy
Plot – In the film “Mistress America”, a contemporary screwball comedy produced by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, a college freshman in New York, finds herself doing a crash course on life in the metropolis when she befriends her fascinating future stepsister. The first semester at the university in Manhattan is a big disappointment for Tracy. The lessons are boring, her room-mate is hostile and the guy that she has a crush on, Tony, has an obsessive jealous girlfriend, Nicolette. Rejected by the literary club which she desperately wanted to be part of, the aspiring writer gets in touch with Brooke, the almost thirty-year-old daughter of her mother's boyfriend, and everything in her life changes from one day to the next. Brooke introduces Tracy to a side of New York she has long dreamed of. Fascinated by Brooke's picturesque but illegal apartment, by her soon-to-open venue which is a combination of bar/hairdresser's/art gallery/community center, and by the infinite sequence of her casual absurd comments, Tracy is soon dragged by her future sister into an orchestrated series of adventures. However, when a major funder pulls out from the restaurant deal, Brooke's seemingly charmed life begins to fall apart.
All actors – Greta Gerwig, Lola Kirke, Matthew Shear, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Heather Lind, Michael Chernus, Cindy Cheung, Kathryn Erbe, Dean Wareham, Shana Dowdeswell, Shelby Rebecca Wong, Alfred Macadam, Amy Warren, Sharon Washington, Morgan Lynch, Andrea Chen, Shoba Narayan, Colin Stokes, Juliet Brett, Gretchen Young, David Longstreth, Amber Coffman, Steve Marion, Michael Johnson, Nat Baldwin, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Mickey Sumner, Mary Beth Minthorn, Clare Foley, Rebecca Henderson, Kareem Williams, Frank Iacuzzo, Jessie Austrian, Taryn Simon, Casey Lee Atre, Adrea Teasdale, Marina Ayala, Seth Barrish, Amanda Gates-Ellison, , Gail Golden
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