“My Own Private Idaho” quotes

Movie My Own Private Idaho
Title My Own Private Idaho
Year 1991
Director Gus Van Sant
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Mike Waters is a young guy afflicted with convulsions and wanders the streets of Portland in Oregon, in search of his mother. The woman abandoned him as a child and Mike now is kinda obsessed by her. Only junkies and misfits guys show him a sort of solidarity. Among them there's Scott Favor, a guy from a wealthy family whose father is the mayor of the city. Mike falls in love with him and together they search Mike's mother, arriving at a derelict farmhouse where there's Carmela. Scott falls in love with her and leaves Mike, without saying him a word. The guy continues alone his wanderings.
All actors – River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, James Russo, William Richert, Rodney Harvey, Chiara Caselli, Michael Parker, Jessie Thomas, Flea, Grace Zabriskie, Tom Troupe, Udo Kier, Sally Curtice, Robert Lee Pitchlynn, Mickey Cottrell, Wade Evans, Matthew Ebert, Scott Patrick Green, Tom Cramer, Vana O'Brien, Shaun Jordan, Shawn Wight, George Conner, Oliver Kirk, Stanley Hainsworth, Joshua Halladay, Douglas Tollenen, Steven Clark Pachosa, Lannie Swerdlow, Wally Gaarsland, Brian Wilson, Mark Weaver, Conrad 'Bud' Montgomery, Pat Patterson, Steve Vernelson, Mike Cascadden, Eric Hull, James A. Arling, Jim Caviezel, Ana Cavinato, Melanie Mosely, Greg Murphy, David Reppinhagen, Tiger Warren, Massimo Di Cataldo, Pao Pei Andreoli, Robert Egon, Paolo Baiocco, Mario Stracciarolo, , Heather J. Braden, Kirsten Kuppenbender, Jesse Merz, Tom Peterson, Eli Swenson, Gus Van Sant
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