“Norma Rae” quotes

Movie Norma Rae
Martin Ritt directed this movie in 1979
Title Norma Rae
Year 1979
Director Martin Ritt
Genre Drama
Plot – 1978. Norma Rae is thirty-years-old and works in a textile mill with her parents. The factory is the only job opportunity in the small Alabama village and the workers aren't granted a union, so wages, schedules, production rates and working conditions are at the mercy of some cynical leaders. When the hard tempered woman tries to react, she's beaten and when she raises her voice in the mill, she's hated by all her colleagues. In the meantime, Reuben comes from New York to found in the village a section of TWUA - the Textile Workers Union of America. Norma Rae is married to Sonny but she's fascinated by the unionist and fights by his side. Thanks to her, the factory workers are granted the elections.
All actors – Sally Field, Beau Bridges, Ron Leibman, Pat Hingle, Barbara Baxley, Gail Strickland, Morgan Paull, Robert Broyles, John Calvin, Booth Colman, Lee de Broux, James Luisi
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