“Passenger 57” quotes

Movie Passenger 57
Title Passenger 57
Year 1992
Director Kevin Hooks
Genre Thriller, Action
Plot – The FAA - Federal Aviation Agency – had been telling it for years: the safest way to travel was by plane. Safer than the train, safer than the bus, even safer than driving one's own car. The FAA, however, did not take into account the margin of risk with having Charles Rane on board. In fact, despite having his hands restrained by a sturdy pair of handcuffs, he still manages to create trouble. Rane was the mind behind four airplane bomb attacks in a year. The FBI had been able to attribute only two of them to him with certainty, but with a hint of pride Rane insists that his lawyer make sure the prosecution does not cite numbers at random. Known to the secret services for his ruthlessness, he is as a matter of fact the most dangerous type of terrorist: intelligent, charming, fearless ... and absolutely insane. He is so devoid of any feeling or remorse as to ask, with extreme ease, a man about news of his family only a moment before putting a bullet in his brain. In the custody of federal agents, Rane is now directed to Los Angeles where he will be tried. It is astonishing, however, that the transfer is precisely by plane.
All actors – Wesley Snipes, Bruce Payne, Tom Sizemore, Alex Datcher, Bruce Greenwood, Robert Hooks, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael Horse, Marc Macaulay, Ernie Lively, Duchess Tomasello, William Edward Roberts, James Short, Joel Fogel, Jane McPherson, Winston Bedford, Lori Bedford, Kent Lindsey, Rand MacPherson, Lou Bedford, Elena Ayala, Mike Speller, Kareen Germain, Michael H. Moss, Jim McDonald, Zachary McLemore, Lesa Thurman, Janet Elder, Alicia Allred, Frank Causey, Marty Connell, Frank Hart, Tom Nowicki, Linda Vick, Robert Midden, Dennis Letts, Janis Benson, Gary Rorman, Lindsey Diamond, Dean Carlberg, Brett Rice, Henry J. McGauley, Michael Conner, Carl Cole, Jack Gibson, Lisa Capriani, Mike Agresta, Renee Behan, Brock Burnett, Rocky Essex, Sven Granlund, Damian Mcknight, Ryk O., Russell Sanderlin Sr., Ginger Stanley, James Stone
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  • “- Charles Rane: Mr. Cutter, how kind of you to pay me a visit. You've been a worthy adversary. It's a shame we won't be seeing much more of each other.
    - John Cutter: Let me tell you something. If anybody else gets hurt on that plane... it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a prison cell to keep me from ripping your fucking nuts off.
    -...” (continue)
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    Bruce Payne - Charles Rane
    Wesley Snipes - John Cutter
    [Tag:threat, vulgarity]
  • “- John Cutter: Charlie, ever played roulette?
    - Charles Rane: On occasion.
    - John Cutter: Well, let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on black!”

    Wesley Snipes - John Cutter
    Bruce Payne - Charles Rane
  • “- John Cutter: Chief, I thought all of you ham hogging, country biscuit eating boys knew how to drive? Was it a bunch of bullshit or what?
    - Chief Biggs: I haven't had a challenge like that since I was in high school!
    - John Cutter: Chief, I didn't know you went to high school?”

    Wesley Snipes - John Cutter
    Ernie Lively - Chief Biggs
    [Tag:ability, driving]
  • “- Charles Rane: You need the passengers, i need the plane. Put me back on board and the passengers will be released.
    - John Cutter: Yeah right. I'm supposed to trust you?
    - Charles Rane: Trust your instincts.
    - John Cutter: My instincts are to wax your ass all over this floor!
    - Charles Rane: Those are your emotions acting without the benefit of...” (continue)
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    Bruce Payne - Charles Rane
    Wesley Snipes - John Cutter
  • “- Charles Rane: Did you and your friend enjoy yourselves down in the lower gallery? Down in that tight, little place? Tell me something, Marti. Did the hero get into your tight, little place?
    - Marti Slayton: You're repulsive!
    - Charles Rane: You'll change your mind once we get to know each other.”

    Bruce Payne - Charles Rane
    Alex Datcher - Marti Slayton
  • “That's what I admire about you! Even though you are being hit on by absolutely beautiful woman, you are determined to maintaining your vow of chastity. You know, you'd make a hell of a republican!”

    Tom Sizemore - Sly Delvecchio
  • “- John Cutter: I'm the good guy, I'm the head of security.
    - Chief Biggs: In my position what would you do? If you were me what would you do?
    - John Cutter: Kill myself.”

    Wesley Snipes - John Cutter
    Ernie Lively - Chief Biggs
    [Tag:choice, position]
  • “- Dwight Hendeson: The two agents you killed on the plane were friends of mine.
    - Charles Rane: Thank you for telling me. I do enjoy knowing the people whose lives I've touched.”

    Robert Hooks - Dwight Henderson
    Bruce Payne - Charles Rane
    [Tag:friends, killing]