“The Bad News Bears” quotes

Movie The Bad News Bears
Richard Linklater directed this movie in 2005
Title The Bad News Bears
Original title Bad News Bears
Year 2005
Director Richard Linklater
Genre Comedy, Sport
Plot – Former baseball player Mr. Buttermaker lives lazily cleaning pools and training children. One day, a rich acquaintance of him asks Buttermaker to train his son's team, which is already signed up for the Los Angeles secondary schools tournament. The skeptical and listless man gives the 'Bears' some lessons and directs the matches drinking beer. When the Bears' owner wants to dismiss the team and the little players are suffering for the humiliations on the field, Buttermaker uses two miraculous tricks.
All actors – Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Kinnear, Marcia Gay Harden, Sammi Kane Kraft, Ridge Canipe, Brandon Craggs, Jeffrey Davies, Timmy Deters, Carlos Estrada, Emmanuel Estrada, Troy Gentile, Kenneth 'K.C.' Harris
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  • “Why don't you get back into that sardine can of yours and go, go vacuum the bottom of the PacificOcean?”
    Tatum O'Neal - Amanda Whurlitzer
    [Tag:argument, ocean]
  • “I know I don't got a lot up there, but what I got sure don't feel too good.”

    Tatum O'Neal - Amanda Whurlitzer
  • “- Engelberg: You're not supposed to have open liquor in the car. It's against the law.
    - Coach Morris Buttermaker: So is murder, Engleberg. Now put that back before you get me in real trouble.”

    Gary Lee Cavagnaro - Engelberg
    Walter Matthau - Coach Morris Buttermaker
  • “This quitting thing, it's a hard habit to break once you start.”
    Walter Matthau - Coach Morris Buttermaker
    [Tag:habit, surrender]
  • “All we got on this team are a bunch of Jews, spics, niggers, pansies, and a booger-eatin' moron!”
    Chris Barnes - Tanner Boyle
    [Tag:racism, team]
  • “- Coach Morris Buttermaker: Come on, fellas. Rome wasn't built in a day.
    - Ogilvie: Yeah, it took several hundred years.”

    Walter Matthau - Coach Morris Buttermaker
    Alfred Lutter III - Ogilvie
  • “- Coach Morris Buttermaker: There was nothing easy about those fly balls, Ahmad. They were tough chances! The sun was in your eyes!
    - Ahmad Abdul Rahim: Don't give me none of your honky bullshit, Buttermaker. I know they were easy.
    - Coach Morris Buttermaker: Let's not bring rage into this, Ahmad. We got enough problems as it is.”

    Walter Matthau - Coach Morris Buttermaker
    Erin Blunt - Ahmad Abdul Rahim
  • “- Engelberg: [helping Buttermaker clean pools] When we're through, can we go swimming?
    - Coach Morris Buttermaker: No! Don't jump in Engleberg, you'll flood the valley.”

    Gary Lee Cavagnaro - Engelberg
    Walter Matthau - Coach Morris Buttermaker
  • “I got a Harley-Davidson. Does that turn you on? Harley-Davidson?”
    Jackie Earle Haley - Kelly Leak
    [Tag:lust, women]