“The Driver” quotes

Movie The Driver
Title The Driver
Year 1978
Director Walter Hill
Genre Crime, Thriller, Action
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Plot – The Driver' is very skilled at driving and he works for the underworld. 'The Detective' tries to frame him in every way. 'The Player' sides with the Driver and together they plan a hit, then the Player flees with the loot. The Driver this time risks to be arrested.
All actors – Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern, Isabelle Adjani, Ronee Blakley, Matt Clark, Felice Orlandi, Joseph Walsh, Rudy Ramos, Denny Macko, Frank Bruno, Will Walker, Sandy Brown Wyeth
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  • “You know what I'm gonna do? I'm going to catch me the cowboy that's never been caught. Cowboy desperado.”
    Bruce Dern - The Detective
  • “- Teeth: I just want to talk. We need you. You're valuable.
    - The Driver: I already gave you an answer.
    - Teeth: Well, we don't like that answer. Be friendly. Do things our way.
    - The Driver: Go ahead and pull the trigger.”

    Rudy Ramos - Teeth
    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
    [Tag:answers, daring]
  • “Some of the criminal types these days, they, eh, think that they're real cowboys. Think they can just, eh, drive around... do whatever they wanna do... whenever they wanna do it.”
    Bruce Dern - The Detective
  • “That's the trouble with lowlifes... they're unreliable.”
    Bruce Dern - The Detective
    [Tag:crime, trust]
  • “I respect a man that's good at what he does.”
    Bruce Dern - The Detective
    [Tag:doing, respect]
  • “- The Detective: Planning on looking for work soon?
    - The Driver: My line of work is kind of hard to come by.
    - The Detective: It depends on where you look.
    - The Driver: It depends on who you are.”

    Bruce Dern - The Detective
    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
  • “- The Detective: You saw the man in the car. And you saw the man against the brick wall. And you know it's the same man. Yet you didn't identify him. Are you afraid of him?
    - The Player: No.
    - The Detective: Are you afraid of me?
    - The Player: No. I just don't like you.”

    Bruce Dern - The Detective
    Isabelle Adjani - The Player
    [Tag:fear, sympathy]
  • “You know what you do first thing every morning? Read the sports page. You know why? Best part of the newspaper. Winners, losers, how it happened, score. And we got a much better game than the one they give the players.”
    Bruce Dern - The Detective
  • “- The Driver: My price is double.
    - Glasses: Aw c'mon... that's 30% of the take!
    - The Driver: My price... for working with second-raters.
    - Glasses: We'll make you a deal.
    - The Driver: One more thing... you're not coming.
    - Teeth: I don't like that.
    - The Driver: That's the whole idea.”

    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
    Joseph Walsh - Glasses
    Rudy Ramos - Teeth
  • “- The Detective: I really like chasing you.
    - The Driver: Sounds like you got a problem.”

    Bruce Dern - The Detective
    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
    [Tag:chase, problems]
  • “- The Detective: Today's your lucky day. I'm feeling generous. I'm gonna give you a choice. You and your boys can do one more job. A bank, a nice big one, for free. You're just going to hire a new driver, that's all. A good one.
    - Glasses: I don't work with cops.”

    Bruce Dern - The Detective
    Joseph Walsh - Glasses
    [Tag:choice, job, police]
  • “- The Detective: A friend of yours told me where to find you in the middle of the day.
    - The Driver: I don't have any friends.
    - The Detective: That's right. No friends. No steady job. No girlfriend. You live real cheap, you never ask any questions... boy, you got it down real tight. So tight that there's no room for anything else. And that's a...” (continue)
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    Bruce Dern - The Detective
    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
  • “- Glasses: Can't get over the mistake you made. You've been set up, you know.
    - The Driver: By a cop.
    - Glasses: That's right. He's waiting for you right now at the wrong place. Me and my buddy don't want to show up. You two hot-shots have both been set up, haven't you? You know what always amazed me about you? A guy with your attitude - never...” (continue)
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    Joseph Walsh - Glasses
    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
  • “I don't like guns.”
    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
  • “- The Driver: Better get new plates if you plan on taking it out again. People might be looking for it.
    - Glasses: You're crazy

    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
    Joseph Walsh - Glasses
    [Tag:cars, madness]
  • “- The Detective: Well, well, here's my new man. How do you like it here so far?
    - Red Plainclothesman: Just great.
    - The Detective: Let's get something straight right now. I don't like new men. They make mistakes.”

    Bruce Dern - The Detective
    Matt Clark - Red Plainclothesman
    [Tag:mistake, novelty]