“Rough Riders” quotes

TV Series Rough Riders
Title Rough Riders
Year 1997
Genre Drama, History, War, Western, Action
All actors – Tom Berenger, Sam Elliott, Gary Busey, Brad Johnson, Illeana Douglas, Dale Dye, Brian Keith, George Hamilton, R. Lee Ermey, Nick Chinlund, Chris Noth, Holt McCallany
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  • “- Frederick Funston: These are insurrectos! And I'm Major Funston! You killed some of my men!
    - Capt. Bucky O'Neil: Major Funston! I can't take it back. We're all going the same place, now let's get there together!”

    Pablo Espinosa - Frederick Funston
    Sam Elliott - Capt. Bucky O'Neil
  • “I think this regiment could whip Caesar's Tenth Legion! I think they could ride with Genghis Khan! They are the best examples of American manhood. We have cowboys, Ivy Leaguers, football players, polo players, bronco busters, New York City policemen... and one man, I regret to say, who used to work for the Internal Revenue Service!”
    Tom Berenger - Theodore Roosevelt
  • “Life is hunger. Life is anger. Life is pain and dirt. Your grandfather knew life. He didn't recommend it. That's why we're rich.”
    Dakin Matthews - Wadsworth, Sr.
    [Tag:life, sorrow, wealth]
  • “Roosevelt is like a young second lieutenant: ambitious, often overreaching, frequently insubordinate, brash... but, successful - this time.”
    Dale Dye - Col. Leonard Wood
  • “Don't worry, colonel; you're the closest thing most of these boys have to a father. We won't let you down.”

    Eric Allan Kramer - Sgt. Henry Bardshar
  • “- Henry Bardshar: A man's gotta do what he has to do, Sara.
    - Sara Bardshar: Yeah, and a woman's got to do everything else.”

    Eric Allan Kramer - Sgt. Henry Bardshar
    Angee Hughes - Sara Bardshar
    [Tag:duty, men, women]
  • “- Secretary of State John Hay: General, you were one of the finest cavalry officers in the Confederacy.
    - Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler: Let me tell you something... Bedford Forrest had 32 horses shot out from under him, but he killed 33 Yankees. Forrest was better!”

    R. Lee Ermey - Secretary of State John Hay
    Gary Busey - Gen. Joseph Wheeler
  • “To the officers: may we all be killed, wounded or promoted.”
    Sam Elliott - Capt. Bucky O'Neil
  • “- Henry Nash: Captain, hadn't you better get down?
    - Capt. Bucky O'Neil: There ain't a Spanish bullet made that can kill me!”

    Brad Johnson - Henry Nash
    Sam Elliott - Capt. Bucky O'Neil
  • “Truth is the first casualty of war.”
    George Hamilton - William Randolph Hearst
    [Tag:truth, war]
  • “- Theodore Roosevelt: Leonard, you already know you're going. Why not at the head of the wildest mad cap regiment since the Mongols rode the Steppes?
    - Col. Leonard Wood: Theodore, do you know that you're mad?
    - Edith Roosevelt: Well, it's never bothered him before...”

    Tom Berenger - Theodore Roosevelt
    Dale Dye - Col. Leonard Wood
  • “It is the duty, the honor of the patrician class to lead its countrymen by the sword.”
    Mark Moses - Lt. Woodbury Kane
  • “Will you be so kind, Mr Crane, with your camera, to take a picture of this regiment on this glorious hill? For we will always live in its shadow.”
    Tom Berenger - Theodore Roosevelt
    [Tag:glory, memory, picture]
  • “- Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler: You stole this hog!
    - Eli: We caught the gator and the snake.
    - Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler: Snake?
    - Eli: Footless animal stew, sir.”

    Gary Busey - Gen. Joseph Wheeler
    Geoffrey Lewis - Eli
    [Tag:animals, food]
  • “I killed a bear once. I didn't like it much.”
    Eric Allan Kramer - Sgt. Henry Bardshar
  • “- Henry Nash: What are you thinking about now?
    - Indian Bob: Naked women.”

    Brad Johnson - Henry Nash
    Bob Primeaux - Indian Bob
    [Tag:thinking, women]
  • “- Craig Wadsworth: My father, he gave me some advice, before I joined the regiment.
    - Indian Bob: Was it good advice?
    - Craig Wadsworth: Yes.
    - Indian Bob: Did you follow it?
    - Craig Wadsworth: No.”

    Chris Noth - Craig Wadsworth
    Bob Primeaux - Indian Bob
  • “He who has no stomach for this fight, let him depart.”

    Mark Moses - Lt. Woodbury Kane
    [Tag:courage, fighting]
  • “- Theodore Roosevelt: If it were up to me, we'd drive every European flag from this Hemisphere at bayonet point!
    - Mademoiselle Adler: Mon dieu, help me, I feel faint.
    - Edith Roosevelt: Feel free. By all means, fall right over!”

    Tom Berenger - Theodore Roosevelt
    Diana Jorge - Mademoiselle Adler
    Illeana Douglas - Edith Roosevelt
  • “- Henry Nash: Look at that Indian. There ain't nothin' human about him. He don't even talk.
    - Indian Bob: He ain't got nothin' to say.
    - Henry Nash: But he's a wild Indian. What are you?
    - Indian Bob: Sioux. You know, the ones who got Custer.”

    Brad Johnson - Henry Nash
    Bob Primeaux - Indian Bob
  • “- Stephen Crane: You're wounded, sir.
    - Craig Wadsworth: A red badge of courage... it's not like your book, old man. I would have run if I could have.
    - Stephen Crane: Why didn't you?
    - Craig Wadsworth: Because they were watching, my fellows; they didn't run.”

    Adam Storke - Stephen Crane, writer
    Chris Noth - Craig Wadsworth
    [Tag:courage, wound]
  • “God takes care of drunks, madmen and the American army.”
    Brian Keith - President William McKinley
    [Tag:army, drunkenness, god]
  • “I swear that I'll make people remember you, old man. Remember what you did for us. I'll build a statue if I have to!”

    Brad Johnson - Henry Nash
  • “- Woodbury Kane: Craig Wadsworth is the finest polo player in the country. Do you play polo?
    - Henry Nash: Oh, yeah, every day, right after my bubble bath!”

    Mark Moses - Lt. Woodbury Kane
    Brad Johnson - Henry Nash
  • “I miss you, boys. Been more that twenty years. My God, we were young. Well, it was a young country then, full of promise and hope. Anything was possible then if you were an American.”
    Brad Johnson - Henry Nash
    [Tag:america, hope, past]