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Michael Caton-Jones
October 15, 1957
film director, actor, film producer
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Michael Caton-Jones movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Michael Caton-Jones quotes
  • “- Dale Kerrigan: [voice-over] Dad always had a way of making us feel special. Like the time I dug a hole.
    - Darryl Kerrigan: Go on, tell them Dale.
    - Dale Kerrigan: I dug a hole.
    - Sal Kerrigan: Oh good on you Dale.”

    Stephen Curry - Dale Kerrigan
    Michael Caton-Jones - Darryl Kerrigan
  • “- Darryl Kerrigan: Now here back: all landfill. Not allowed to build there.
    - Council Officer: Has the soil been tested?
    - Darryl Kerrigan: Oh yeah, nothing too serious in there... what do you know about lead?”

    Michael Caton-Jones - Darryl Kerrigan
    Stephanie Daniel - Council Officer
    [Tag:humor, pride]
  • “- Dale Kerrigan: [voiceover] He loved the serenity of the place.
    - Darryl Kerrigan: Hows the serenity?
    - Dale Kerrigan: [voiceover] I think he also just loved the word.
    - Darryl Kerrigan: So much serenity.”

    Stephen Curry - Dale Kerrigan
    Michael Caton-Jones - Darryl Kerrigan
  • “- Farouk: You have friend, I have friend. My friend go to your house, put bomb under your car and blow you to fucking sky!
    - Darryl Kerrigan: What did he do?
    - Farouk: He get scared and he leave!”

    Costas Kilias - Farouk
    Michael Caton-Jones - Darryl Kerrigan
  • “Tell him he's dreaming.”

    Michael Caton-Jones - Darryl Kerrigan
    [Tag:awareness, dreams]
  • - Dale Kerrigan: [voice-over] Dad always said “the faster you go, the more you see”.
    - Darrel Kerrigan: Did ya see that?
    - Dale Kerrigan: What?
    - Darrel Kerrigan: Oh back there.

    Stephen Curry - Dale Kerrigan
    Michael Caton-Jones - Darryl Kerrigan