“Rob Roy” quotes

Movie Rob Roy
Michael Caton-Jones directed this movie in 1995
Title Rob Roy
Year 1995
Director Michael Caton-Jones
Genre Biography, Adventure, Action
Plot – In 1713 in Scotland, clan leader Robert Roy McGregor is forced to kill long time raiding companion Tam in order to retrieve the herds of cattle stolen on behalf of the British Marquis of Montrose. To releave the painful conditions of his people, he asks for and obtains a £1,000 loan from the Marquis to buy a herd to resell at a profit. The Marquis' overseer, Killearn, plots together with Archibald Cunningham, a swordsman working for the noble: the plan is to steal the £1,000 loan delivered to Alan McDonald, a friend of McGregor, who is killed by Cunningham and then thrown into the sea. McGregor, who is held responsible for the debt, goes to the Marquis who offers to forgive the debt in exchange for testimony against the Duke of Argyll, believed to be a Jacobite.
All actors – Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, John Hurt, Tim Roth, Eric Stoltz, Andrew Keir, Brian Cox, Brian McCardie, Gilbert Martin, Vicki Masson, Gilly Gilchrist, Jason Flemyng, Ewan Stewart, David Hayman, Brian McArthur, David Brooks Palmer, Myra McFadyen, Karen Matheson, Shirley Henderson, John Murtagh, William Gardiner, Valentine Nwanze, Richard Bonehill, Peter MacArthur
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