“The Jackal” quotes

Movie The Jackal
Michael Caton-Jones directed this movie in 1997
Title The Jackal
Year 1997
Director Michael Caton-Jones
Genre Crime, Thriller, Adventure, Action
Plot – A ruthless killer is hired by an international criminal organization to kill the wife of the US President. The agreed price is 70 million dollars. The man is very good at disguising himself, appearing and then immediately disappearing. The only thing known about him is his nickname, the Jackal. Upon learning of the situation, the FBI seeks countermeasures. Secret Service Deputy Director Preston must identify and stop the Jackal before it is too late. Together with Russian agent Valentina Koslova, Preston realises that the only way to find the killer is to rely on someone who thinks like him.
All actors – Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sidney Poitier, Diane Venora, Mathilda May, J.K. Simmons, Richard Lineback, John Cunningham, Jack Black, Tess Harper, Leslie Phillips, Stephen Spinella
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