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September 28, 1952
October 17, 2012
actor, top model, singer
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Sylvia Kristel quotes
  • “- Mallow: He threatened to tell Immigration that I was working here illegally.
    - Philly: Big deal.
    - Mallow: It was a big deal for me. I could have been deported!”

    Sylvia Kristel - Mallow
    Eric Brown - Philly
  • “- Philly: I'd just like to say one thing before we start.
    - Mallow: What?
    - Philly: Um, that I respect you. I don't think that you're a whore or anything like that.
    - Mallow: That's very sweet of you Philly.”

    Eric Brown - Philly
    Sylvia Kristel - Mallow
    [Tag:respect, sex]
  • “- Mr. Flugel: What do you teach?
    - Ms. Copuletta: Sex education.
    - Mr. Flugel: What?
    - Ms. Copuletta: Sex education.
    - Mr. Flugel: Sex education? That's my favorite subject!”

    Richard Stahl - Mr. Flugel
    Sylvia Kristel - Ms. Copuletta
    [Tag:sex, teachers]
  • “- Isabelle: You pilots are such... men.
    - Capt. Joe Patroni: They don't call it the cockpit for nothing, honey.”

    Sylvia Kristel - Isabelle
    George Kennedy - Capt. Joe Patroni
    [Tag:airplane, men]
  • “- Capt. Joe Patroni: Wait a minute! That perfume of yours smells awfully familiar.
    - Isabelle: Je te remercie! On peut avoir confiance en toi!
    - Capt. Joe Patroni: What did she say?
    - Capt. Paul Metrand: Probably the same as you say in English.”

    George Kennedy - Capt. Joe Patroni
    Sylvia Kristel - Isabelle
    Alain Delon - Capt. Paul Metrand
  • “- Maxwell Smart: Just our luck, we gotta run into a poisonous Achtung.
    - Agent 34: That means attention. There has been an avalanche.”

    Don Adams - Maxwell Smart
    Sylvia Kristel - Agent 34
  • “- Philly: If you're gonna get a new job, you're going to need a letter of reference, from my father.
    - Mallow: Well, your father might not think I've been working long enough.
    - Philly: I didn't mean for him to write it. But, I know what he'd say if he knew you as well as I do: she was passionate about her household duties.”

    Eric Brown - Philly
    Sylvia Kristel - Mallow
    [Tag:father, job]
  • “- Philly: You mean you want me to take off all my clothes and everything?
    - Mallow: Do you usually wear them when you take a bath?
    - Philly: No, not usually.
    - Mallow: Oh, come on, Philly. I won't even look.
    - Philly: I-I don't know.
    - Mallow: Come on, it will be an adventure!”

    Eric Brown - Philly
    Sylvia Kristel - Mallow