“Fargo” quotes

Movie Fargo
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen directed this movie in 1996
Title Fargo
Year 1996
Directors Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – Jerry Lundegaard, a Minnesota car dealer with debts, decides to have his wife kidnapped and asks his father-in-law for the ransom. To do this, he hires two criminals, Carl and Gaear, who turn out to be quite a clumsy couple. Not following the plan, they turn the kidnapping into a carnage, killing a policeman and two by-passers who witness the scene. The situation spins out of control and more blood is shed. Marge Gunderson, head of the police department and seven months pregnant, starts chasing the killers. An impeccable black comedy with ferocious irony, paradoxical dialogues and a series of outlandish and perfect characters that chase each other in an exemplary narrative joint. Nothing is superficial and everything works perfectly.
All actors – William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, Kristin Rudrüd, Harve Presnell, Tony Denman, Gary Houston, Sally Wingert, Kurt Schweickhardt, Larissa Kokernot, Melissa Peterman, Steve Reevis, Warren Keith, Steve Edelman, Sharon Anderson, Larry Brandenburg, James Gaulke, J. Todd Anderson, Michelle Suzanne LeDoux, Frances McDormand, John Carroll Lynch, Bruce Bohne, Petra Boden, Steve Park, Wayne A. Evenson, Cliff Rakerd, Jessica Shepherd, Peter Schmitz, Steven I. Schafer, Michelle Hutchison, David S. Lomax, José Feliciano, Bix Skahill, Bain Boehlke, Rose Stockton, Robert Ozasky, John Bandemer, Don Wescott, Bruce Campbell, Clifford Nelson, Lori J. Ness
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