“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” quotes

Movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen directed this movie in 2000
Title O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Year 2000
Directors Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Genre Comedy, Crime, Music, Adventure
Plot – Ulysses Everett McGill, a minor criminal with an eloquent chat, struggles to get used to the life imposed by a hard labor sentence in Mississippi. Everett doesn't want to break stones so he escapes from the ranks of the prisoners, chained together with two losers: the sweet and naive Delmar and the misfit Pete. During their run to freedom, united by their promise to split a buried treasure, the three start an extraordinary adventure.
All actors – George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson, John Goodman, Holly Hunter, Chris Thomas King, Charles Durning, Del Pentecost, Michael Badalucco, J.R. Horne, Brian Reddy, Wayne Duvall, Ed Gale, Ray McKinnon, Daniel von Bargen, Royce D. Applegate, Frank Collison, Quinn Gasaway, Lee Weaver, Millford Fortenberry, Stephen Root, John Locke, Gillian Welch, A. Ray Ratliff, Mia Tate, Musetta Vander, Christy Taylor, April Hardcastle, Michael W. Finnell, Georgia Rae Rainer, Marianna Breland, Lindsey Miller, Natalie Shedd, John McConnell, Issac Freeman, Wilson Waters Jr., Robert Hamlett, Willard Cox, Evelyn Cox, Suzanne Cox, Sidney Cox, Buck White, Sharon White, Cheryl White, Ed Snodderly, David Holt, Billy W. Blackwell, Ron Block, Dan Braun, Jerry Douglas, Christopher Francis, Geoffrey Gould, Emily D. Haley, Nathaniel Lee Jr., Mark Munson, Andy Sims, Shayne Tingle, Dan Tyminski, Leon Walls
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