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Movie Happiness
Title Happiness
Year 1998
Director Todd Solondz
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Joy Jordan lives in the house her parents have left her in New Jersey. The woman has just broken up with her boyfriend Andy and has started a relationship with one of her students, Vlad, a Russian immigrant. Joy has two sisters: Trish is a housewife, married with children, while Helene is a successful writer and a very emotionally unstable girl who begins to flirt with an anonymous telephone harasser who's actually her same neighbor, Allen, who in turn is desired by Kristina, another neighbor. The man vents all his problems with Bill, his analyst and Trish's husband, but Bill listens to him absently as he's thinking about his son Billy, who's approaching his first sexual impulses. One evening Allen dates Kristina and she confesses him she has killed and dismembered Pedro, the caretaker. Joy goes to Vlad's but there she meets another woman. Investigations then tighten around Bill and his family escapes. Six months later, the three sisters reunite with their parents in Florida and Billy announces triumphantly he has finally become a man.
All actors – Jane Adams, Jon Lovitz, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dylan Baker, Lara Flynn Boyle, Justin Elvin, Cynthia Stevenson, Lila Glantzman-Leib, Gerry Becker, Rufus Read, Louise Lasser, Ben Gazzara
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  • “If only I had been raped as a child! Then I would know authenticity!”
    Lara Flynn Boyle - Helen Jordan
  • “- Joe Grasso: What do you think would happen if I got him a professional... you know...
    - Bill Maplewood: A professional?
    - Joe Grasso: Hooker. You know, the kind that can teach things... first-timers, you know... break him in.
    - Bill Maplewood: But Joe, he's 11.
    - Joe Grasso: You're right, you're right. It's too late.”

    Dan Moran - Joe Grasso
    Dylan Baker - Bill Maplewood
  • “I wake up happy, feeling good... but then I get very depressed, because I'm living in reality.”
    Dylan Baker - Bill Maplewood
  • “I don't know I could ever really begin to talk to her. I mean what can I talk about? I have nothing to talk about, I'm boring. And that I know, I've been told before so don't tell me it's not true 'cause it's a fact. I bore the people. People look at me and they get bored, people listen to me and they zone out... bored.”
    Philip Seymour Hoffman - Allen
    [Tag:boredom, talking]
  • “People are always putting New Jersey down. None of my friends can believe I live here. But that's because they don't get it: I'm living in a state of irony.”
    Lara Flynn Boyle - Helen Jordan
    [Tag:friends, irony, living]
  • “- Helen Jordan: Anyway, so the police came and looked in her freezer and found baggies filled with the doorman's genitals.
    - Mona Jordan: I use baggies.
    - Joy Jordan: Me too.
    - Helen Jordan: Everyone uses baggies, that's why we can all relate to this crime. Don't you see?”

    Lara Flynn Boyle - Helen Jordan
    Louise Lasser - Mona Jordan
    Jane Adams - Joy Jordan
    [Tag:crime, genitalia]
  • “You think I don't appreciate art? You think I don't understand fashion? You think I'm not hip? You think I'm pathetic? A nerd? A lard-ass fat-so? You think I'm shit? Well, you're wrong, 'cause I'm champagne, and you're shit.”
    Jon Lovitz - Andy Kornbluth
    [Tag:insult, opinions, shit]
  • “I'm so tired of being admired all the time. All these men I mean... they're all beautiful, artistic minds, great sex, the whole package, but hollow, you know what I mean? I feel nobody's really honest with me. Nobody wants me for me.”
    Lara Flynn Boyle - Helen Jordan
  • “I want kids that love me as much as I hated my mother.”
    Elizabeth Ashley - Diane Freed
    [Tag:hatred, love, mother]
  • - Detective Berman: Johnny, was there anyone in the last day or two who..."hurt" you?
    - Johnny Grasso: No. I... I... I don't think so.
    - Detective Berman: But someone did hurt you... no, Johnny?
    - Johnny Grasso: No. No one hurt me.
    - Joe: What do ya mean no? You've been fucking raped!

    Arthur J. Nascarella - Detective Berman
    Evan Silverberg - Johnny Grasso
    [Tag:rape, rejection]