“Kangaroo Jack” quotes

Movie Kangaroo Jack
Title Kangaroo Jack
Year 2003
Director David McNally
Genre Comedy, Crime, Adventure, Action
Plot – Charlie and Louis are best friends since childhood. Louis is always optimist despite he's very unlucky, while Charlie wants to get married and to open his own activity. Mafia boss Sal Maggio decides to grant Louis and Charlie a last chance and tasks them to deliver 50,000 dollars to one of his colleagues who lives in Australia. The money is guarded in a jacket, but in Australia the two guys hit a kangaroo. They notice the animal looks like one of their friends and take some pictures, but unexpectedly the animal runs away with the money.
All actors – Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren, Christopher Walken, Marton Csokas, Dyan Cannon, Michael Shannon, Bill Hunter, David Ngoombujarra, Marco Sellitto, Damien Fotiou, Christopher James Baker
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  • “After the tragic death of your father, I married your mother promising her I would raise you as my own. You chose not to take the Maggio name. I did not complain. And when you wanted to go to Beauty School, as boys who lose their fathers early in life often do, I did not snivel at interventions, did I?”
    Christopher Walken - Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio
  • “I'm sorry for feeling your boobs I didn't think they were real.”
    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
  • “- Charlie Carbone: Look at her. She thinks she's so much smarter than us.
    - Louis Booker: I'm pretty sure she is, Charlie.”

    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
    Anthony Anderson - Louis Booker
  • “- Charlie Carbone: It's a continent, Louis. He can go very far.
    - Louis Booker: I know it's a continent. I read the book.
    - Charlie Carbone: Did you happen to read the chapter on not putting your jacket on a wild animal?
    - Louis Booker: No, but I did read the chapter on how an aborigine can kill a white man with a twig. Do you want to see that one?”

    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
    Anthony Anderson - Louis Booker
  • - Charlie Carbone: Look, Sal, we know that your upset.
    - Salvatore "Sal" Maggio: It's not your fault.
    - Charlie Carbone: What?
    - Sal Maggio: A lion can raise a mouse, but the mouse is still a mouse. And you, Charlie, are that mouse.

    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
    Christopher Walken - Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio
  • “I never saw it. Such a beautiful animal. It's the national symbol of Australia. And I killed it.”

    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
  • “- Louis Booker: Charlie's stepfather is a mobster back in New York, and he had us sent out here to deliver a package.
    - Jessie: Oh! And you got me in the middle of this?
    - Charlie Carbone: I am so sorry, Jessie. I never thought this would happen.
    - Jessie: And you lied to me.”

    Anthony Anderson - Louis Booker
    Estella Warren - Jessie
    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
  • “- Frankie Lombardo: Sal is not dissapointed because he cares about the money. He's disappointed because you two aren't dead! What do think he was paying Smith fifty grand for?
    - Louis Booker: You mean to tell me that traveled halfway across the world to pay for our own execution?
    - Frankie Lombardo: Yeah. You two were the bag men for your own...” (continue)
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    Michael Shannon - Frankie Lombardo
    Anthony Anderson - Louis Booker
  • “- Mr. Smith: Ever killed a man, Charlie?
    - Louis Booker: Don't answer that!
    - Charlie Carbone: No.
    - Mr. Smith: What do you do for a livin' that makes you so brave, Charlie?
    - Louis Booker: Really don't answer that!
    - Charlie Carbone: I'm a hairdresser!”

    Marton Csokas - Mr. Smith
    Anthony Anderson - Louis Booker
    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
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  • “My name is Carbone, which means skinny white boy with a gun.”
    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
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  • “- Louis Booker: Sal won't kill you. He's married to your mother.
    - Charlie Carbone: If Sal Maggio thinks I stole his money, he'll kill me in front of my mother and then make her clean it up.”

    Anthony Anderson - Louis Booker
    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
    [Tag:killing, money, mother]
  • “- Louis Booker: The kangaroo got the money!
    - Charlie Carbone: What are you talking about?
    - Louis Booker: I put the money in the jacket, and the jacket on the kangaroo, and now he's hopping away!”

    Anthony Anderson - Louis Booker
    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
    [Tag:losing, money]
  • “On that fateful day twenty years ago, Louis Booker saved my life and I never forgot it. He wouldn't let me.”
    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone
  • “I just got my ass kicked by a marsupial.”
    Jerry O'Connell - Charlie Carbone