“Neighbors” quotes

Movie Neighbors
Title Neighbors
Year 1981
Director John G. Avildsen
Genre Comedy
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Plot – Earl and Enid Keese are a predictable, lousy and respectable middle-class couple. One day the new couple of Vic and Ramona arrives and the energy of the neighbors shakes the Keeses’ routine. Enid begins to study Indian history, while Earl runs away with Vic and Ramona. The movie is based on Thomas Berger’s novel ‘Little Big Man’.
All actors – John Belushi, Kathryn Walker, Cathy Moriarty, Dan Aykroyd, Igors Gavon, Dru-Ann Chuckran, Tim Kazurinsky, Tino Insana, P.L. Brown, Henry Judd Baker, Lauren-Marie Taylor, Sherman G. Lloyd
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