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Movie Regarding Henry
Mike Nichols directed this movie in 1991
Title Regarding Henry
Year 1991
Director Mike Nichols
Genre Drama
Plot – Henry Turner, a wealthy and cynical New York lawyer, obtains his latest success in court at the expenses of Matthews, a poor sick man who thus loses his case against a hospital asking for compensation for injuries he suffered resulting from a serious medical error. However, one evening at the tobacco shop a robber injures him badly: when he wakes up from his coma, Henry has lost his memory. To help in the arduous psycho-physical recovery is black therapist Bradley, who teaches him his first steps and supports him with warm and contagious vitality and joy; his wife Sarah, whose feelings for him are rekindled; twelve-year-old daughter Rachel, whom he has always treated with increasing detachment. Gradually Henry rediscovers those human and social values ​​that his business had dried up: the relationship of friendship and tenderness with his wife; the pleasure of being a father; doing a job well done. Once back in the office he reviews his cases and discovers the many injustices he has perpetrated through his diabolical cleverness. However, no sooner has he found the lost conjugal harmony with Sarah, than everything seems to fade away because of the discovery of incriminating letters written to his wife by his friend and colleague Bruce. Desperate, Henry decides to take accommodation at the Ritz, a name that sounds familiar without knowing why; his colleague Linda reveals that the familiarity is because that is where they used to have their romantic encounters. Shocked by this new revelation, but convinced that his past is something to be forgotten, Henry asks Sarah to start a new life with him, gives the Matthews the evidence that will allow them to be reimbursed from the hospital, thus canceling the injustice he procured, and then he resigns from his job.
All actors – Harrison Ford, Annette Bening, Michael Haley, Stanley Swerdlow, Julie Follansbee, Rebecca Miller, Bruce Altman, Elizabeth Wilson, Donald Moffat, Mikki Allen, Aida Linares, John MacKay, Mary Gilbert, Peter Appel, Harsh Nayyar, John Leguizamo, Harold House, Robin Bartlett, Cynthia Martells, James Rebhorn, Brian Smiar, May Quigley, Bill Nunn, Marjorie Monaghan, Emily Wachtel, Kai Soremekun, Suzanne O'Neill, Glen Trotiner, J.J. Abrams, Jack P. Mclaughlin, Louis Cantarini, Kirby Mitchell, William Severs, Mark Irish, Bernadette Penotti, Jim Gardner, Fred Fehrmann, Alva Chinn, Henry Stram, Kia Graves, Benjamin Hendrickson, Susan Forristal, Ralph Byers, Joan Kindred, Hollis Granville, Anne Stone, Kevin Breznahan, David Giardina, Russell Gibson, Joe James, Mike Kimmel, Anibal O. Lleras, Nancy Marchand
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