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Movie Wolf
Mike Nichols directed this movie in 1994
Title Wolf
Year 1994
Director Mike Nichols
Genre Drama, Romance, Horror, Thriller
Plot – Driving through the countryside at night, Will Randall, editor of the publishing house MacLeish, hits a wolf and then gets bitten by the animal. The next day he sees his colleague Stewart Swinton take over his job: during a party held for this occasion, their boss Raymond Alden appoints Swinton to be in charge of the Eastern European market. Meanwhile, Randall discovers that he scares horses. He feels sick and is rescued by lovely Laura, Alden's daughter. His recovered sight, his keen sense of smell and his new sexual vigor do not console him once he discovers that Swinton is his wife Charlotte's lover. He retires to a hotel and schemes how to blackmail Alden, threatening to take away part of the writers to create a new publishing house. Alden gives in to the blackmail and gives Randall his job back. Invited over to dinner by Laura, Randall has a werewolf attack during the full moon and kills a deer in the park of the villa. Scared, he disappears. He goes to a scholar of the occult, who gives him an amulet and, as the man is dying, he begs Randall to bite him to receive his powers, but Randall refuses. The werewolf calls Laura, calms her down and invites her to the hotel. Here his wife tries to win him back, but he rejects her. Then Randall has sex with Laura. The following day he discovers that his wife has been brutally killed and he fears that he is guilty, even though he does not remember anything. Laura defends him from the police, but when she sees blood stains on his shoes, she locks him inside the barn. At the police station, where she has been called to make a statement, Laura finds Swinton who has just made a statement against Randall. Swinton, infected by a bite that Randall had given him during a scuffle, breaks into the house to kill him, slaughters two guardians and attacks Laura who defends herself while Randall has a furious struggle with Swinton. In the end, Laura shoots Swinton while Randall runs away desperately. However, Laura is now also turning into a wolf.
All actors – Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, Kate Nelligan, Richard Jenkins, Christopher Plummer, Eileen Atkins, David Hyde Pierce, Om Puri, Ron Rifkin, Prunella Scales, Brian Markinson
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  • “I've never loved anybody this way. Never looked at a woman and thought, if civilization fails, if the world ends, I'll still understand what God meant.”

    Jack Nicholson - Will Randall
  • “It feels good to be a wolf, doesn't it? Power without guilt. Love without doubt.”

    Om Puri - Dr. Vijay Alezais
    [Tag:animals, love, power]
  • “You're very beautiful and you think men are only interested in you because you're beautiful, but you want them to be interested in you because you're you. The problem is, aside from all that beauty, you're not very interesting. You're rude, you're hostile, you're sullen, you're withdrawn. I know you want someone to look past all that at the real...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Jack Nicholson - Will Randall
  • “- Detective Wade: We got five new murders. What is there about a full moon?
    - Detective Bridger: More light.”

    Brian Markinson - Detective Wade
    Richard Jenkins - Detective Bridger
    [Tag:light, moon, murder]
  • “- Will Randall: You are such a polished ass kisser that it takes my breath away.
    - Stewart Swinton: I kiss 'em like I see 'em.”

    Jack Nicholson - Will Randall
    James Spader - Stewart Swinton
  • “- Charlotte Randall: I never loved Stewart. It was a mistake Will. I'm going to talk to him. Stewart, never for one moment, mentioned he loved me.
    - Will Randall: You think that makes it better? To betray me over and over again with a man that ment nothing to you? To know you betrayed me for nothing.
    - Charlotte Randall: Don't be a smug...
    -...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Kate Nelligan - Charlotte Randall
    Jack Nicholson - Will Randall
  • “I've been offered a choice between no job and a job no one would want.”
    Jack Nicholson - Will Randall
  • “- Stewart Swinton: If you find me so attractive, how about me fucking you to death right now darling, how would that be?
    - Laura Alden: I don't know I'll have to try it.”

    James Spader - Stewart Swinton
    Michelle Pfeiffer - Laura Alden
    [Tag:flirting, sex]
  • “Good evening Miss Alden. May I call you Laura? Laura, if you scream, I'll kill you. I'll just... break your neck, okay?”
    James Spader - Stewart Swinton